Is Kendrys Morales a fit for the Yankees?


The 2014 MLB Draft is next Thursday which means that by this time next week teams will be free to sign free agents like Kendrys Morales without losing a draft pick as compensation. On that note, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has reported that the Yankees are among teams with potential interest in Morales next week.

There’s just one question regarding the Yankees interest: Is Morales even a fit for the ball club?

Sure, the Yankees have injuries to Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira, and their lack of depth at first base has shown when the Yankees put Brian McCann to play there for a game. We can’t forget to mention Morales isn’t a Gold Glove first basemen, but they believe he could be an upgrade from McCann and Kelly Johnson. That’s the part where Morales would fit.

Now here’s the part where he doesn’t fit: Morales would be expensive and the Yankees have already spent half a billion dollars this offseason with the acquisitions of McCann, Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury and Masahiro Tanaka.

The Yankees also seem to be extremely confident that Teixeira and Beltran will return to the Yankees and they wouldn’t want Morales to create a log jam in the first base/DH/corner outfield situation. The Yankees already have enough on their plate with Teixeira, Beltran and Alfonso Soriano on the roster.

While Morales is a nice thought, there’s more reasons as to why he wouldn’t fit on the roster than there are of how he could fit: there simply isn’t room for him.

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14 Responses to Is Kendrys Morales a fit for the Yankees?

  1. ken says:

    Nonsense. One of the issues with the Yankees is that they do not have a RH piwer hitter When Morales hits from right side he has power. Washed up strike out king Soriano can mo longer get it done from the right side.

  2. Any argument against the Yankees spending money on a one-year contract is a poor one. Any financial restraints the Yankees have are purely self imposed. Maybe it would create a bit of a logjam, but nothing serious. Neither Teixeira nor Beltran should be playing everyday anyway. Besides, we can't count on Beltran playing with any regularity for the rest of this season.

    To me, there is no reason not to sign Morales, and Drew, after the draft.

    • John says:

      On a one year deal, Morales would only go to a team that would play him every day, so that he could build value for his next contract. That won't happen unless Tex or Beltran's injuries are bigger than they're saying.

      Forget about Drew. Boston signed him.

      • Dave says:

        no kidding! I was wondering if anyone else out there knew drew was back with sox….Like the one who wrote and posted this article.
        You would think that they might have a clue!
        How bout Arod? I hear he`s available

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Besides, we can't count on Beltran playing with any regularity for the rest of this season.

      I would say the same about Teixeira.

  3. tom says:

    It would be much easier if Morales could play 3B.

  4. tomy cassella says:

    it's's to bad he can't pitch..

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Why not put either McCann or JR Murphy at 1st sometimes? I mean, JR Murphy could learn the position; he's young.

  6. Worried fan says:

    Seems like Robertson is not closer material. Lets put him back in the bullpen as a set up man and get Betances in the closer role. So what he is young and they want to mold him, I think he is ready for the challenge. He has proven he can pitch in the majors and to some big bats why not try him out. Like Mariano you pitch one inning and he will get stronger. Betances is your closer.

    • Mariano Rivera blew 9 saves in his first year as closer. He blew 7 last season. I don't think anybody should be worried over 1 blown save for David Robertson.

  7. Max Cipriano says:

    our DH today was zoilo almonte. enough said

  8. Of course he would be a good fit on this team loaded with old, over the hill, fading veterans. It appears that Cashman is putting together a retirement village softball squad.

    Have the Yankees ever thought of DEVELOPING their own players as do so many other teams. Every time there is a need to replace yet another injured mercenary, the tone is, who can they BUY!

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