Kuroda takes the mound as Yankees try to go for series win

Hiroki Kuroda 9

It seems this road trip for the Yankees has gone on forever, hasn’t it? Well, today’s the last day of the road trip, and the Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound with the Yankees vying for a series win and a winning road trip, although the feat won’t be an easy one. The Yankees will be facing Shelby Miller, who is another one of the Cardinals prized pitchers.

So far the Yankees have split the series with the Cubs, split the series with the White Sox and so far have split the series with the Cardinals. There were also three extra inning games, and Masahiro Tanaka proved he can bounce back from a ‘so-so’ start and have another brilliant one. The team has a day off tomorrow, and this is one thing they definitely need, especially after playing for the last week and a half.

“This is baseball,” Joe Girardi said. “This is what we train to do. We didn’t play a very good game (last night), but we had run off three pretty good games in a row. It’s just part of the game. You have ups and downs. I don’t think it’s fatigue. I think it’s too early for that.”

Tonight will be a test for the Yankees: can they bounce back and win after falling to the Cardinals? One can only hope the Yankees can end this road trip on a good note, or else there will be more questions than answers.

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