Let’s play two!

Joe Girardi 12

If you’re a baseball fan, days like these are probably worth sitting in front of your television for six and a half hours. Due to Friday’s rain out, the Yankees and Pittsburgh Pirates are to play two games at Yankee Stadium before the Yankees and Pirates use Monday’s off-day for travel; the Yankees to Chicago and the Pirates to Pittsburgh.

The Yankees are expected to bring a 26th man up for the doubleheader, and Joe Girardi believes it could be a pitcher for the Yankees bullpen. In the meantime, the Yankees have to work on limiting their bullpen since there’s going to be two games instead of one. Girardi also made it clear he was going to use his position players wisely and most of them won’t play in both games. The good news? Ichiro Suzuki, who had been sitting out with a sore back, will return to the lineup for one of the two games, although it’s unsure which one just yet. Derek Jeter will sit out one of the games, with Girardi keeping Jeter’s health in mind; remember, Jeter’s 39-years-old.

The Yankees have been successful in doubleheaders this season, playing two against the Chicago Cubs last month and sweeping the series, along with keeping their opponents off the scoreboard. They have a three game win streak going on, and the Yankees hope the two starters Hiroki Kuroda and Vidal Nuno can bounce back and give them the starts they need for them to keep the ball rolling.

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