Mark Teixeira no longer taking health for granted

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It’s not a secret Mark Teixeira (when healthy) plays a lot. He averages 153 games a season and has played the entire season twice. Looking back, Teixeira realized playing all those games took a toll on his health and he took himself for granted.

“I took it for granted,” Teixeira said. “I think it was 500 and some in a row that I played when I was young, and the first three years here I played almost every day, and you just take for granted your health. But I just realize how lucky I’ve been.”

Teixeira had already missed time this season with a hamstring injury and he’s had wrist surgery last season. Teixeira knows that being 34-years-old means he’s only getting older and it was proof over the weekend when he said his legs felt like ‘cement blocks’ after only playing three days straight. Both Teixeira and Joe Girardi agreed that taking the day-off today would have been beneficial to both the team and Teixeira’s health.

“I think there’s a good chance we’ll have him tomorrow and be able to put him back in there,” Joe Girardi said. “It’s probably a little fatigue. He was on the bases a lot yesterday. There was a little concern. It’s low level. But he said he felt pretty good today. … We felt if he woke up and was sore today, we would send him for a test, but he said he felt pretty good. It’s basically just a treatment day for him.”

Teixeria didn’t realize that he had to start taking better care of himself recently. To recall the story, one must go back to the end of the 2012 season, where Teixeira had a lingering calf issue.

“End of 2012 when I tried to play through the calf,” Teixeira said. “It was tight. I played through tightness and I pulled it. I came back too early and I pulled it again. Hey, you’re not 25 years old anymore, so I think that’s when I realized that I’ve got to be a little more careful with my body.”

Some Notes

CC Sabathia is going to visit Dr. Andrews sometime this week–but there’s nothing terribly wrong with CC. Brian Cashman said this is just to give CC a piece of mind, and it was CC who asked for an appointment with Andrews.

— With CC’s injury, it would seem Alfredo Aceves would make the start–but only if Girardi doesn’t need him for the next three days. If the Yankees do use Aceves, then they could call on Chase Whitley to make the start.

Adam Warren and Dellin Betances are not available tonight.

— The New York Mets announced Rafael Montero will come up from Triple-A and will make the start on Wednesday against the Yankees.

— Here’s today’s “Stat Pack” notes!

1) : Of the 18 active players who have 250-or-more steals, seven of them are in the Yankees organization, including Ichiro Suzuki, who leads all active players with 474 career stolen bases (also Jeter-348, Rodriguez-322, Beltran-309, Soriano-288, Roberts-282 and Ellsbury-251)… the Yankees are 25-for-30 (83.3%) in steal attempts this season, which is tied with Washington for the third-best pct. in the Majors, trailing only Oakland (88.5%) and Los Angeles-AL (84.4%).

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