Mark Teixeira proves the power is still there


When Mark Teixeira missed most of the 2013 season with a wrist injury, many fans wondered if Teixeira’s power stroke would ever return. In 2012, he put up sub-par numbers and it was worrisome wouldn’t be able to return to the Mark Teixeira the Yankees signed during the 2009 offseason. It took a little while, and a DL stint, but Teixeira is back on track and is the power bat the Yankees can surely rely on.

“I think until you see it, there’s going to be some concern,” Joe Girardi said. “We felt that he would heal up and we were told that he would heal up, but you’ve got to see it. As I’ve said on a number of occasions, we didn’t really see him let the bat go left-handed up the last week of spring training, and that made me feel better. I felt if he could have his normal swing, then he was going to hit home runs. But it took awhile to get there.”

Teixeira had to admit the DL stint was frustrating, but if anything, he believes the DL stint was a blessing in disguise.

“As soon as I came off the DL, it was pretty much there, so that was a good sign,” Teixeira said. “I told everybody that the DL stint was the best thing that happened for me because the wrist wasn’t really feeling great to start the first couple of games of the season. In spring training, it wasn’t feeling great, so that time off to let it calm down – to let everything calm down – was good for me.”

Since coming off the disabled list, Teixeira leads the Major Leagues with 9 home runs since April 24, including the home run he hit in yesterday’s 7-1 victory to the Pirates. Teixeira is on a hot streak, and any doubts that the fans  had of Teixeira returning to form after the wrist injury seem to have flown out the window. If there’s anything Teixeira has proven, its his power stroke is back and he can be a dangerous bat in the middle of the lineup.

Some Notes

Joe Girardi has Brett Gardner as the Yankees designated hitter for the first game of the doubleheader. Derek Jeter and Jacoby Ellsbury are in the lineup for Game 1 while Ichiro Suzuki will play in Game 2.

Dellin Betances is unavailable for the Yankees in the doubleheader, after throwing two innings yesterday and 25 pitches the day before.

Carlos Beltran had another cortisone shot in his elbow and will see Dr. Andrews for a second opinion.

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