McCann: “I’m not getting it done”

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No one was harder on Brian McCann than Brian McCann last night. He had an opportunity to at least score a run in the 9th inning, but he grounded into a game ending double play (assisted by some flashy leather work by Lucas Duda). Overall, he’s had a sluggish beginning to the 2014 season, and he doesn’t need anyone else to tell him the results aren’t there.

“It comes and goes,” McCann said to reporters after last night’s game. “The results aren’t there. This is a results-oriented business and I’m not getting it done.”

The Yankees like the way McCann calls games and is able to handle the pitching staff–but he was known as a power bat while with the Atlanta Braves. Manager Joe Girardi knows that McCann has been struggling lately, but he assures fans that McCann’s bat will come around eventually.

“I don’t think it is the shift that’s killing him, I don’t think he has quite hit the ball like he is capable of for the most part,” Girardi said. “He has had some pretty good weeks during the course of the season where he has gotten pretty hot. He hit some balls out of the ballpark. He goes the other way as much as any left-handed hitter that they shift on.”

McCann knows they’re shifting on him–but he has to find a way to avoid the shift and prove to the Yankees that he’s worthy of his contract. If not–this could be a very, very long season for him and the ball club.

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  1. Robert Rufa says:

    McCann's failure to live up to the hype has been pretty obvious. I'm not sure Beltran deserves as much playing time either. I'd rather see Ichiro in there more. Among major off-season acquisitions, Ellsbury has been a brighter spot, but even he fails in the clutch a lot, which seems to be a curse on this team. Overall though I think it's the pitching (or lack thereof) that will sink NY's season if reliable reinforcements are not found. Usually 7 runs is enough to win a game.

  2. LOL. This one wasn't incredibly hard to predict. Just 8 weeks ago Russell Martin came out and said the Yankees made a mistake not re-signing him and signing McCann instead. He was right (even though everyone on this site except me and Olie thought he was wrong).

    Russell Martin was willing to sign for less money to stay with the Yankees, but the Yankees never made him an offer when he was a free agent (he had turned down a 3-year/$20 million deal the year before which I'm sure Martin and the Yankees both regret now). Martin said that when he tried to go back to Cashman that it seemed like he didn't have the authority to make him an offer (Hal was in penny-pinching mode at the time).

    So the Yankees tried to save $8 million and it ended up costing them $85 million. The entire Hal cap idea was short sighted. They didn't even get under $189 million in the end and they still have a shitty infield, a bad catcher, and are relying on guys like a 37-year-old Beltran (how's that working out?) to carry them.

    The bottom line is that Hal Steinbrenner has taken power away from Cashman and the team is worse off as a result. Hopefully McCann rebounds, but with the way teams are shifting against him it doesn't seem likely.

    • Celerino Sanchez says:

      Was it a mistake not offering Martin the two year deal he wanted? His slash line last year was .226,327,377. Its a little better than what they had last year, but would it have been enough to make the playoffs? And this year his slash line is 242/342,355. He's not exactly knocking anybody' s socks off. Granted, a little better than McCann in the early going but does anybody seriously believe that Martin will have a better year than McCann? You might be the only person I've ever seen describe McCann as a bad catcher.

      • Bad catcher wasn't the right way to put it. He seems like another Teixeira though where he really isn't worth the money and he's being paid more for what he's done in the past. The Yankees could have gotten similar production from Russell Martin at 1/4th the cost.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    This many injuries is hard to predict and reminds us how lucky we were (1995-2001). That being said, we all know the Yankees overpaid this offseason. We are seeing some results of an older roster. I am not sure why Girardi keeps playing Beltran in RF when Soriano could play there and Beltran is more injury prone. Oh well. Not sure why Pineda ended up being a numbskull, or why Nova had such bad luck.

  4. Pam says:

    I think people are being too hard on Brian. He has been concentrating on learning the pitching staff and their preferences and styles, leaving little time to focus on batting. Just give him time, people! There are plenty of games left. If he had focused on batting to begin with, he would be deficient defensively and there would be complaining about that! He will come around.

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