Robertson a one inning pitcher–for now

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During yesterday’s game, it would have made sense to have David Robertson come on the mound for the four out save, territory that former closer Mariano Rivera had seen before. However, eyebrows were raised and minds were muddled when Joe Girardi bought out Shawn Kelley to face Albert Pujols, a day after Kelley threw 30 pitches and walked four batters. It led fans to wonder why Girardi didn’t use Robertson for four outs in order to save the bullpen.

“I just feel more comfortable using (Robertson) for an inning right now,” Girardi said. “I don’t think he has any physical problems. It’s just something I’m more comfortable doing.”

David Robertson would go more than an inning as a setup man, so why is Girardi slightly limiting Robertson’s innings now that he’s the closer?

“As the closer, a lot of times you can get more than two days in a row,” Girardi said. “If he feels good, I’d like to use him the third day. As much as you can, you try not to get caught without having your closer. It’s a long year and it’s still really early. He had a couple weeks off (with a groin injury) and I just have to make sure that he’s built up right.”

Girardi added Robertson won’t be strictly a one inning pitcher forever and it really depends on the situation and how far along the Yankees are in the season.

“Not forever,” Girardi said. “As the season lengthens on a little bit, and if you know you have a day off the next day, it might be a little bit different. I think you look at what you have and the schedule ahead of you and you choose to use him for one inning, which you do with most closers.”

Some Notes

— Speaking of Shawn Kelley, he’s unavailable out of the pen tonight and the same could be said for Alfredo Aceves.However, Aceves could be used if the situation calls for it. Aceves pitched in short relief on Sunday against the Rays.

— Joe Girardi was asked to comment about Mariano Rivera’s comments about Robinson Cano. Frankly, he didn’t say much.

“Those are Mariano’s comments,” Girardi said. “That’s probably why I’ve chosen not to write books. I’ve had plenty of opportunities with some of my experiences. Right now, I just don’t think it would be a good idea for me.”

Note to Girardi: Write a book after you retire from managing. That’s one book I’d pick up and read.

— Here are today’s “Stat Pack” notes!

1) Brian Roberts hit a go-ahead homer in the ninth inning on Tuesday at Los Angeles-AL to give the Yankees a 4-3 win over the Angels… has hit 93 career home runs in the Majors, but six of them have given his team a lead in the ninth inning-or-later.

2) Yankees starters have walked just 39 batters all season, the lowest total among starting staffs in the Majors… have also struck out 170 batters, giving them a Major
League-best 4.36K/BB ratio among starters.

3) Jacoby Ellsbury has recorded three-or-more hits six times in 2014, the most such
games in the AL and third-most in the Majors.

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