Robertson frustrated after blown save

David Robertson 2

David Robertson has been nearly perfect for the Yankees since taking over the coveted closer role from Mariano Rivera. However, after Robertson got the last out in the eighth inning, he gave up a lead-off single and a two-run home run to Adam Dunn to give the White Sox the win.

“It’s a bad game,” Robertson said after last night’s loss. “It’s frustrating because the team fought so hard today. We had a win there, three outs away and I let them down today. I didn’t make enough quality pitches and it cost us the game.”

He said he was trying to throw the fastball down and away, but he left it too up in the zone, which allowed Dunn to drive it into the right-center field seats.

“It seemed like that one was just left up in the zone,” he said. “It cut right up to his (barrel) and he put it 40 rows deep.”

Robertson’s pitch selection was questionable, since Dunn is a notorious fastball hitter, but it just seemed to be in the wrong location at the wrong time. Look, let’s face it; Robertson was bound to have a bad game. He had been nothing short of brilliant since taking over for Rivera, so a blown save was to come eventually. It happens to everyone, and believe it or not, it even happened to Mariano. All Robertson can do is prepare for his next outing and bounce back, which shouldn’t be hard to do. He’s been in these types of situations before.

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4 Responses to Robertson frustrated after blown save

  1. ken says:

    Robertson will not make it as a closer. He throws way too many pitches but the real pronlem with this team is a lack of hitting. They have not much HR threats and no extra base hitting at all. One pathetic team.

    • mike says:

      Ken, David is in there for one inning the majority of times he strikes out all players weather it takes 10 or 16 pitches a save is a save. He has 9 out of 10 saves that's one hell of a record. Give me D-Rob in the 9th.

    • Rich says:

      Cool down, man. I had some reservations about Robertson becoming the closer but so far he's been excellent. Better than anyone could have hoped. This one was a painful loss, but it was just one blown save. Not a big deal. Just a one run lead also. It was probably lack of experience in this one. He was over aggressive this time. 0-2 counts on both batters in the 9th before they got a single and a homer. He'll learn to keep those 0-2 pitches out of the strike zone next time. Curves have to be down and away or fastballs up and in.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi David we the fans have lots of faith in you. Give me a 4 to 3 game in the 9th and I am going to the pen for D-Rob. Good luck and keep up the good work. God Bless…..

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