Should the Yankees be concerned with Derek Jeter?

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Let’s start off with the quite obvious statement that has almost everyone in a frenzy: Derek Jeter isn’t playing like Derek Jeter.

He’s hitting better in this series against the Angels, going 3-for-6 with a walk but in his last 10 games, the numbers aren’t that great; he’s 9-for his last-41 (.220) with 9 K’s, 3 walks and 2 RBI’s. Hey, it could be worse, he could be under the Mendoza line, but Jeter certainly could perform better at the plate. There are many slumping players on the Yankees, but Jeter seems to garner the most attention since he’s coming off a serious ankle injury which required him to miss almost all of the 2013 season. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that he’ll be 40-years-old in June and is one of the very few 40-year-old players in the game. So with Jeter struggling, should the Yankees be concerned?

The Yankees shouldn’t be concerned with Jeter at this very moment; as I mentioned before, many of the Yankees are slumping. But if Jeter continues to struggle, the Yankees might consider moving him down in the batting order or they might give Brendan Ryan a few starts at shortstop to give Jeter a mental breather. For now I imagine they’ll let Jeter work out of his skid on his own like many other Yankees that are slumping, but how long will the Yankees wait until they make a move that wouldn’t be in Jeter’s favor? That’s the million dollar question no one has the answer to, but if Jeter is quickly able to turn things around and start hitting to his potential, that question will never need a solution.

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5 Responses to Should the Yankees be concerned with Derek Jeter?

  1. hotdog says:

    The Yankees should focus on what's best for the team…Jeter isn't going to argue that…but there are plenty of ballplayers that aren't hitting…i'm not sure if it's about giving Jeter a few days off, I think he needs to work out of this on the field…he's been doing it for close to 20 years and even with some aches and pains to go along with his age, his best bet may be to play every day…and the Yankees don't have any real decent options other than guys like Ryan who should be a defensive replacement only…let him play…

  2. Woodside says:

    Lets stop wondering or worrying about Jeter. Is he in his prime? Of course not. But he will be fine. He's Derek Jeter. Years ago when he wasn't "old" he went something like 0 for 32. And he did OK since then. Let's just enjoy his last lap around baseball. It will be a long time before someone like him comes around again.

  3. Robert Rufa says:

    In the past, veterans were often platooned with younger players as their careers wound down, to help the new guys settle in without too much pressure. I'd hope Jeter would be open to that.

  4. Michael R says:

    As much as anything else, hitting is rhythmic. He needs to play until he says he can't play. Stop pampering him and let him find his groove. If he goes down then he goes down.

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