Yankees begin short West Coast trip

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After yesterday’s loss to the Rays in the Bronx, the Yankees got on a plane, flew across the country and will play tonight against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a three game series, one that will surely test their pitching staff and their offense.

The Yankees will spend the next three days playing against the Angels in three 10:05 p.m. games before they make their way over to Milwaukee to play three against the Brewers this weekend. I’d like to think Friday’s game against the Rays helped prepare Yankees fans for this series (if you stayed up to watch the whole Yankees/Rays 14 inning debacle, congratulations, you’re ready for this series), but the question is are the Yankees ready. The hitting has been inconsistent and the pitching aside from Masahiro Tanaka is in shambles.

One of the main concerns is CC Sabathia, but Sabathia won’t pitch the Angels series, instead he’ll face the Milwaukee Brewers, a team that has the best record in the Major Leagues right now. Surely, this West Coast trip will be a challenge, and it didn’t help the Yankees went 3-5 on the latest home-stand, but if there was a better time to turn things around, then this would be it.

Side Note: I was watching “The Joe Girardi Show” yesterday on the YES Network following the game, and Joe mentioned he was the most excited to see Masahiro Tanaka hit in Milwaukee since he heard Tanaka was a pretty good hitter. Now, Tanaka’s game against the Brewers has become a must-watch in my opinion.

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  1. Celerino Sanchez says:

    I was also intrigued by Joe's comment on Tanaka, but don't get your hopes up. According to baseballreference.com, he went 3 for 37 in Japan with one double. Joe happened to see the game with the double.

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