Yankees rotation in dire need of help

New York Yankees David Phelps

Coming out of Spring Training, the Yankees had a great rotation on paper: the ace of the staff CC Sabathia looking for redemption, veteran Hiroki Kuroda hoping to build on a successful 2013 season, Ivan Nova hoping to prove to the Yankees that what they had seen in 2013 wasn’t a fluke, Masahiro Tanaka hoping to prove that he was worth the $155 Million contract and Michael Pineda, who fans finally would be able to get a glimpse of after sitting out the last two seasons with a tear in his shoulder.

Fast forward to May 19, 2014 and 60% of the Yankees rotation is missing: Ivan Nova will be out until mid-2015 with Tommy John Surgery, Michael Pineda is expected to return in mid-June from a strain in his teres major muscle and CC Sabathia is out until July at the earliest with issues in his surgically repaired knee. Hiroki Kuroda hasn’t performed as well as he should and Masahiro Tanaka has been the only bright spot since the season began. It’s miraculous the Yankees are sitting a half game up of the American League East coming into the series with the Chicago Cubs (the entire AL East has the night off tonight), but they need the plug-in rotation to step up.

Vidal Nuno, David Phelps and Chase Whitley are three names taking over the Yankees rotation for the time being; there’s a chance a young Yankees fan has no idea who any of them are, yet they’re in the rotation because the Yankees need help. Whitley only had one start and didn’t make it past the fifth inning although he did pitch shut-out baseball, Vidal Nuno’s ERA hasn’t been pretty and David Phelps has been inconsistent. the Yankees are in Chicago this week, and if there’s anything the Yankees need, it’s for those three to step it up against the Cubs, White Sox and then the Cardinals once the Yankees make the trip to St. Louis.

Brian Cashman admitted he made some calls about possible trades to help the rotation, but no one is dealing their pitchers when so many teams are in a race for contention. The Yankees are forced to use the current rotation, but the Yankees hope the rotation they have now can pull it together and keep the team afloat until Pineda and Sabathia return from their disabled list stints.

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9 Responses to Yankees rotation in dire need of help

  1. bobby says:

    Michael Pineda didnt have Tommy John Surgery

  2. Fernando says:

    No he did not. Pineda's surgery was a labrum tear in his shoulder, which has nothing to do with the UCL in his arm, Definitely not surgery, but considered more worrisome.

    • Fernando says:

      Meant to say "definitely not TOMMY JOHN surgery, but considered more worrisome"

  3. Doug says:

    Fernando is correct… he did NOT have TJ Surgery. The shoulder is much more worrisome!! If Pineda comes back okay after the strain in his side, we should be okay. That sort of injury is to be expected as he's had a layoff from throwing for almost 2 years so he has to build it back. Nova is gone for at least half of next year.

    Not sure why they haven't moved Warren to a starting role as he was competing in ST for the #5 slot. The problem is if we deplete, Nuno, Phelps and Warren from the "pen"… we don't have anybody substantial enough to fill those roles. I'd rather see us find relievers than starters…

  4. hotdog says:

    i think one of the reasons they're not moving Warren is because they need a reliable pen…Warren pitched well this year in relief…shades of Joba and Phil Hughes…David Phelps is a different story in my opinion…he's been groomed to go short and long…Warren was a starter during his minor league career but why take a reliable pitcher so far this year out of the pen…he's turning into a work horse…

  5. tom says:

    I read this article many times and I did not find anything about PIneda having Tommy John Surgery. Was the article re-edited?

  6. I'm not sure where people got TJS from, maybe Delia mentioned it by accident, but regardless Pineda certainly did not have Tommy John Surgery. He had shoulder surgery which is by far much more concerning. If it was TJS, which is to correct the elbow, he would have been back for most of 2013 and we probably wouldn't be worried about it again. Instead, he had shoulder surgery which usually means the end of a pitcher's career. It's amazing that he was able to come back at all, even if he missed 2 full seasons, and this latest injury could be a sign that he'll never be 100 percent.

    I realize that his latest injury is technically in his back and not his shoulder, but it's all related. It likely happened because his shoulder is still weak, as it may never be 100% again, and that he is using his back muscles more to make up for it which caused the injury. I know he looked good early on this season, but there is still a very real chance that Pineda never pitches 200 innings in a season again.

  7. Skwierzyna says:

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