Yankees send Tanaka to the mound to even the series


After suffering a 6-1 loss to the Minnesota Twins last night, the Yankees will hand the ball to Masahiro Tanaka, with hopes he can keep the Yankees on pace in the AL East and can split the series with the Twins.

Tanaka’s task will be daunting as he’ll face Kevin Correia, but he’s more than enough up for the task. Tanaka has been the one constant in the Yankees rotation, giving the Yankees wins nine out of ten times. However, if Tanaka wants to lead the Yankees to victory, he’s going to need help from the Yankees offense, an offense that has been up and down all season.

“This is not a lineup that’s filled with a lot of power.” Girardi said during last night’s post game interview. “We’ve got to find other ways to score runs.”

It’s no secret the Yankees are expecting a good outing from Tanaka but Tanaka is the least of the Yankees concerns. The Yankees need to find some consistency in their lineup–and it would be extremely helpful if the Yankees didn’t make base running blunders with a game on the line. Two base running blunders by Derek Jeter and Brian Roberts last night didn’t do the Yankees any favors and sometimes blunders like those will cost teams some games. The Yankees need to string together a winning streak, or else they could be in the same position they were in last season’ looking on the outside of a postseason race.

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