Yankees to retire Torre’s number, to honor Gossage, Martinez and O’Neill

Joe Torre 3

The New York Yankees announced that 2014 Hall of Fame inductee Joe Torre will have his uniform No. 6 retired and that they will honor Rich “Goose” Gossage, Tino Martinez and Paul O’Neill with plaques in Monument Park as part of the Yankees recognition series. Bernie Williams will be honored by the Yankees in 2015.

Martinez and Gossage will be honored during Old-Timers’ Day weekend on June 21st and June 22nd respectively. O’Neill will be honored on August 9th and Joe Torre’s ceremony will be in Monument Park on August 23rd.

Gossage played seven seasons with the New York Yankees (1978-1983, 1989), winning a World Series in 1978. He was later elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008.

O’Neill, who is currently a broadcaster for the YES Network, spent nine seasons of his 17 year career with the Yankees (1993-2001), winning a World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000. In 2001, O’Neill became the oldest player to hit 20 home runs and to swipe 20 bases in the same season.

Acquired in a trade by the Seattle Mariners, Martinez spend seven years with the Yankees (1996-2001, 2005), winning four World Series championships. Martinez is most known for hitting a Grand Slam against San Diego Padres pitcher Mark Langston in Game 1 of the 1998 World Series that gave the Yankees the lead and led them to their 24th World Series Championship.

Torre spent 12 seasons as the manager of the Yankees (1996-2007), leading the Yankees to six World Series appearances and  four World Series Championships. Torre had a 1,173-767 (.605) regular season record and a 76-47 (.618) in the postseason. Torre’s regular seasons wins is second in club history, only behind Joe McCarthy who had 1,460-867 (.627) in 16 seasons.

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11 Responses to Yankees to retire Torre’s number, to honor Gossage, Martinez and O’Neill

  1. It's about damn time. They're probably going to wait and honor the entire Core Four at the same time. Hopefully that will be in 2016.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Agreed, Paul and Bernie should have been recognized long ago. But retire Torre's number? He did a fine job, but he was pretty fortunate to have inherited a team where all he had to do was fill out the lineup card. The part that was up to him, the bullpen, was the scene of one overworked and burned out reliever after another. Torre might have been responsible for more injured pitchers than any other manager. Seems a shame not to at least share that retired number with Roy White, who was a fine player and the best player on the Yankees from 1968 – 1974.

    • I think you are minimizing Torre's role quite a bit. He walked into a bees nest and thrived. Those were still the tail end of the bad old Steinbrenner days when being the Yankees manager was the toughest job in sports. The media wanted him to fail from day 1 and the fans still loved Buck Showalter. The 1996 Yankees team was far from a just-fill-out-the-lineup type of team. It wasn't easy for them to make the playoffs and they were the underdogs all the way until the end.

      Torre was far from perfect, especially at the end, but what he did was legendary. He ran, with efficiency, one of the greatest baseball franchises ever.

  3. Michael R says:

    Buck Showalter developed the team and Joe got the credit.

    • Buck Showalter started to turn around what was a losing atmosphere. Showalter didn't take a team whose ace was a washed up Doc Gooden for most of the season and win the World Series. Buck Showalter didn't manage a team to 125 win season.

      Damn, Yankees fans have some short memories. Have some respect.

  4. olie says:

    Rob, my memory is just fine! Joe Torre was good Manager who deserves a plaque but to have his Jersey retired is silly! I could see if he had also been a Yankee player for sometime as he was a very good player. But just to baby-sit a stacked line-up I don't think so! Having a Jersey retired should be a honor for legendary Yankees only!

    • I guess Yankees fans are so spoiled by myths that they can't see true legends or show any real appreciation anymore. It's really sad.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      So you think Billy's number should be retired? For I don't. He wasn't even the best player to wear #1. Earle Combs was. And as for WS titles, Ralph Houk won more WS than Billy. Just saying. Torre is much more deserving than Billy was.

  5. Michael R says:

    No disrespect to Torre. He did a wonderful job managing the players he had. Probably the right guy at the right time, but he sure didn't win any place else. Buck was kind of like Billy Martin (minus the championship). Very good at building teams. I still say that Buck developed the team.

    • Say what you want, but Showalter really didn't have a large hand in developing the team. He definitely changed the culture of the clubhouse and led to Mel Hall skipping town, but Gene Michael should get most of the credit for developing the team.

      Look — if you want to argue that no manager should have his number retired, I can get behind that. Fine. Maybe they shouldn't. Mike S made a good point that Billy Martin shouldn't have had his number retired and he's probably right. Maybe on that ground, Torre's number shouldn't be retired, but to minimize his contributions or to inflate others is silly. From 1996-2003, Joe Torre was an amazing manager and had a run unlike most others in our lives.

  6. Dan Sveaver says:

    Is Goose's #54 retired?

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