Alex Rodriguez plans to play next season

Alex Rodriguez 12

Well, I was wondering how long it would be until I wrote about Alex Rodriguez again. I just didn’t think it would be today.

According to Rodriguez’s spokesman, Rodriguez says he fully plans to play for the Yankees next season. In order to take the first step to make amends, he dropped his lawsuit against Yankees physician Dr. Chris Ahmad. It’s obvious Rodriguez is trying to save some bridges from being completely burned and Joe Girardi expects Rodriguez to be back next year, considering he’s under contract.

“Well, he’s under contract, so you kind of expect him to be back,” Girardi said. “Obviously sitting out a year, as players have seen, is not the easiest thing to do. As a player you have to try to stay as prepared as you can, doing whatever it takes to stay prepared to be ready. What we do here is we worry about the year that we’re in, and we’ll worry about next year next year.”

Some fans have wondered whether it would have been a better idea whether to just pay Rodriguez the $61 Million left on his contract to ‘go away’ but business-wise, it would be better to just let him take the field. With no Derek Jeter next season, the Yankees might as well use Rodriguez’s talents to sell tickets, gain viewership on the YES Network and to get as many home runs as they possibly can out of him before his contract runs out.

Well, now that we know Rodriguez is returning, we might as well move on from the subject and focus on tonight’s game.

Some Notes

— Speaking of tonight’s game, Kelly Johnson‘s not playing. Johnson is resting his fingers that were hit by a baseball when he was trying to bunt. He’s available for later in the game, but not as a starter.

Michael Pineda went for an MRI today, just so he could be cleared to start a throwing program.

Carlos Beltran continues to play catch for the Yankees but again, they’re unsure on when he’ll actually take the field. for the team.

— Is Joe Girardi concerned about Shawn Kelley‘s first few outings since coming off the disabled list?

“I don’t get overly concerned,” Girardi said. “Obviously we need to get him back on a roll. It’s important to get him going. It’s frustrating for a player when you’re pitching so well and then you get hurt, and maybe you’re not quite as sharp as you’ve been. But he’ll get back on track. That’s not something I’m too concerned about.”

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