BBDP: Who’s hot on the Farm in June?

de_Oleo_640x360_nw876m9j_722gs1h7As is the custom, we’ll start with the top and work our way down.

Zoilo Almonte is on quite the homerun streak. He has four homeruns in his last eight games. Over his last 10 games, he’s batting .333/.349/.643/.992. Not too shabby. He’s definitely making his bid to be considered for the outfield in 2014 when Soriano and Ichiro say sayonara. That’s 10 homeruns on the year for Almonte in 42 minor league games. Over a 160 game schedule that puts him on pace for close to 40. Keep your eye on him.

Kyle Roller is another one to look out for. He is 13 for his last 40 (.325) with three homeruns and three doubles in his last 10 games. He’s walking a ton too so he’s a Yankee kind of hitter. On the season he has 15 homeruns in 50 games. That’s a pretty torrid pace. He’s got some swing and miss to him but he’s one injury away from a major league debut now. Might not be a bad source of power.

Don’t look now but Austin Romine has finally started to hit. He is 11 for his last 35 with three doubles and two homeruns. He’s got a long way to go before his .242 average starts to look more palatable, but at least he’s making strides. It may be too little too late though, as Cervelli is set to return to the Yankees soon and that will likely mean JR Murphy will be sent down to SWB, where Romine will be promptly moved to the bench.

Jose Pirela still hasn’t cooled down. He’s 15 for his last 41 and has even collected four walks in his last 10 games. Overall it’s hard to imagine him performing worse than Brian Roberts right now, at least as a platoon to hit against lefties. On the season he is hitting .326/.366/.452/.818 with four homeruns, four triples, and 10 doubles. That line wouldn’t look half bad sitting in the back end of the Yankees lineup.

Tyler Webb has been cruising in Double-A. His last 10 games have seen him pitch 16 innings while striking out 29 batters. That’s 16.3 K/9. His ERA has been 2.81 during that time. He’s been a fast mover and could be in the Bronx sooner than we think.

Over his eight appearances in Double-A, Manny Banuelos has had his ups and downs. His best outing, however, was yesterday, when he pitched three innings, struck out three, and didn’t let up a run. His stuff is back and it’s still not too late for him to make a run at the rotation late in the season this year. All in all though, 2015 will hopefully be his year to try to crack the rotation.

Mason Williams is finally starting to hit in Double-A. Over his last 10 games he’s 13/41 (.317) with two doubles and a homerun (.780 OPS). He’ll have to develop some consistency going forward to get back on the prospect radar.

Speaking of consistency, Taylor Dugas has been the model of it so far this season. He’s hit .310/.427/.456/.883. His on base skills are downright impressive. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t do anything else all that well, and has little to no power or speed to speak of. Either way, he’s 12 for his last 28 (.429) with three doubles and a triple in his last 10. He also has five walks during that time.

Don’t look now but Cito Culver is trying to save his season. He’s nine for his last 27 (.333) with eight walks (.450 OBP), a homer, and two doubles (.500 SLG). He seems to be trying to recapture that second half magic from last season. If he can do that, he can’t be written off.

Dan Camarena has been flat out dominant for High-A Tampa. In his last 10 starts he’s got a 2.25 ERA in 56.0 IP with 44 strikeouts. It’s hard to imagine him in the majors with his upper 80’s fastball, but apparently his secondary stuff is fantastic, and he locates like a marksman. Only time will tell.

I never realized Nick Goody’s middle name is Gunnar. Solid baseball name. Anyway, Gunnar hasn’t let up a run in his last seven appearances over nine innings. He struck out 17 during that time period. He’s back, and he will be moving quickly from this point forward. Watch out because he could be knocking on the door pretty soon.

Matt Snyder is picking it up in High-A. Over his last nine games he has been 11/33 (.333) with two doubles. He’ll have to hit for more power as a first baseman to move up, but generally this is how he starts to get hot in the past. He starts roping singles and then before you know it those singles are getting more loft and flying over the wall. He’s got a steep wall to climb to get back on track though.

Nick Rumbelow is also making an impression at the High-A level. In his first 10 appearances at the level he has a 2.57 ERA with 17 K in 14.0 innings. Overall on the season he has a 1.57 ERA. Yet another possible shutdown reliever for the Yanks.

Down in Low-A there are several other hot players. Luis Severino continues to impress. In his last 10 appearances he has been stellar with the exception of one bad outing. During that time, he has pitched 53.1 innings and struck out 51 batters, with a 2.87 ERA. This kid is a monster, and you’ll be hearing about him on some top 100 lists this season.

Brady Lail has been solid in Low-A. Over his last 10 games, he’s been even better. He has a 2.78 ERA and 58 K in 55.0 IP. He’s another young stud in this rotation which has a few. Look for him to get even better as the season rolls on.

It’s finally starting to look like Michael O’Neill is figuring out professional baseball. Over his last 10 games he has hit .302 (13/43) with three doubles, a triple, and four SB. On the season he has already stolen 20 bases, showing off the speed. He’s a guy who has some big tools if he can figure out how to improve the average and cut down on the strikeouts, but that’s a big if.

This next guy has been an absolute monster in Low-A. In the last 10 games, he’s hit .405 with two homers and five doubles. His name is Aaron Judge. On the season he’s hitting .330/.427/.530/.957 with nine homeruns. Word has it he will be promoted at Low-A all-star break. It’s about time!

You’ve probably never heard of Eduardo de Oleo. He’s a 21 year old catcher out of the Dominican Republic, and apparently he has some power to his game. He already has nine homeruns on the season, and has played in just 31 games! Over his last 10 games he is 15/39 with four homeruns, two doubles, and three walks. That’s good for a .385 average. On the season his quad slash is .266/.305/.532/.837. If he can start getting on base more he may make a name for himself.

The Short Season Staten Island season starts today after a rainout last night. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new faces (and old) at that level. Seems like some of the slow starters are beginning to pick it up, but only time will tell if they can keep it going.

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6 Responses to BBDP: Who’s hot on the Farm in June?

  1. Jskillet says:

    You guys need to lay off B-Rob..he's been solid all year defensively and is ALWAYS on base…he was a steal this year

    • Brian Roberts is hitting .238/.318/.342 this season and .219/.342/.250 in his last 10 starts. I'd say that he's being treated fairly. He also has a -4.1 UZR, a -8 DRS and a -5.7 TZL so there isn't a single stat to backup this idea that he's been solid defensively unless your definition of solid is able to make routine plays.

    • Greg Corcoran says:

      What Rob said. I have nothing against B-Rob. I like him as a player and I respect what he has done in this league. That said he really hasn't done much in the past 3+ seasons even when healthy. I'm not saying Pirela is the future of second base but I have a hard time believing he couldn't beat, or at least tie what Roberts has been doing. When you have the same production between youth and age, you should go with youth IMO. But hey, the guys in charge seem to agree with you right now so what do I know.

  2. tom says:

    I guess your new number one prospect is Luis Severino.

    Since DeCarr and Foley (as a starter) are signed what are their neighborhoods of 5 (5,10,15 and go on) in your prospect list.

    I get feeling that DeCarr and Foley could reach MLB before Hensley and Lail.

    • Greg Corcoran says:

      From what I've heard DeCarr is still a bit raw, so I don't know about him reaching the mlb before Lail. He could definitely beat Hensley.

      As far as my list goes I'm going to gather some more info and see what they can do and then will be making my updated list soon.

      • Greg Corcoran says:

        And I would definitely have to put Severino close to the top overall prospect. It's close between him and a couple of others though. At this point there are going to be some major changes in my top 10 in the next group of rankings.

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