Beltran and Cervelli play in extended Spring Training game 12

Francisco Cervelli 5

While the Yankees prepare for their one game showdown with the Seattle Mariners, Carlos Beltran and Francisco Cervelli were in Tampa on the road to recovery.

According to Bryan Hoch of, Beltran went 0-for-3 in his extended Spring Training game in Clearwater. Beltran expects to play two more extended Spring Training games before meeting the Yankees for the Kansas City/Seattle/Oakland road trip. Francisco Cervelli also played in the same Spring Training game, going 1-for-2 with a double. Cervelli caught the first three innings of the game and reported no issues.

12 thoughts on “Beltran and Cervelli play in extended Spring Training game

  • olie

    I actually think Cervelli coming back will give the team a lift. He seems to have so much fun playing, it may help!

  • hotdog

    I wish I had the same kind of faith you two have with Cervelli…he just seems to keep falling on his face…always liked him though…felt he had game, a decent bat and he improved defensively…he might get dealt mid season…i hope they keep JR Murphy but I'm not sure what kind of upside he has…

  • Mike Sommer

    I'd dump Cervelli. Keep Murphy. I still haven't forgiven Cervelli for his involvement in Biogenesis. My attitude, you do it, we get rid of you. Period. You betray us and get suspended for 50 games or more, out the door you go.

  • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13

    I like Cervelli, I really do. But if you think as a GM for a moment, where's the room for Cervelli? John Ryan Murphy is playing extremely well as the backup catcher and I certainly don't' see the Yankees moving Murphy once Cervelli is eligible to return.Could the Yankees use Cervelli as trade bait to get an arm or another infielder? It'd be interesting to see what the Yankees do with him, but I think honestly Cervelli's days as a Yankee are numbered especially if Murphy continues his offensive streak.

  • olie

    I think some of you guys are getting a little carried away with J.R Murphy. As well as he is playing is he going to improve more being a back-up or catching plenty of games at AAA? He is just a kid playing the toughest position in baseball and he is going to need time.Cervelli has played longer and proven himself before plus he can play 1st if needed!

  • zara

    I think some of you people are getting a little taken away with J.R Murphy. As well as he is enjoying is he going to enhance more being a back-up or capturing a lot of activities at AAA? He is just a kid enjoying the hardest place in football and he is going to need time.Cervelli has performed more efforts and confirmed himself before plus he can perform 1st if needed!

  • tomy cassella

    what the hell do you see in j.r. murphy. he is a Goddamn minor leagurer. when frankie cervelli returns, the yanks should send him down to triple A, where he belongs.

  • hotdog

    Don't worry tomy…Cashman will likely turn to Cervelli and send Murphy down…but Cervelli has a habit of not making it long in a season so you might get to see more of Murph…any kid that comes up and starts hitting .300 is worth considering though…

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