Beltran worries about production at the plate

Carlos Beltran 8

Carlos Beltran isn’t in tonight’s lineup against Scott Kazmir but it has nothing to do with his ailing elbow. Beltran has said he’s felt relatively well when it came to his elbow, but the issue is he’s not productive at the plate; Beltran is hitting only .129 with 10 K’s in eight games.

“I don’t feel good (at the plate) right now, man,” Beltran said. “It feels like some days I feel better, then the next day, back to not feeling good. It has to come. I just need to stick with the plan and continue to go to the cage and work on the things I have always worked. It’s got to come.”

Although there is pain in Beltran’s elbow from the bone spur, the injury hasn’t caused him to adjust his mechanics drastically. Joe Girardi knows Beltran is fighting though the injury, and it’s all a matter of getting his timing back.

“He’s fighting through it,” Joe Girardi said. “He’s had some productive hits for us. You look at the ball he hit last night — if it’s a day game, it’s probably a home run here. But we talked about it. It could take some time to get his timing going. And he’s played everyday since he’s been back so I figured just give him a day and I think he’ll continue to get better.”

Some Notes

Brian Roberts fouled a ball off his knee yesterday. He has some bruising, which is why he’s not in the lineup tonight. In fact, Girardi is going to sit Roberts out for the rest of the Athletics series. Roberts said if Girardi needed him, he’d be available.

. “I told him I could play,” Roberts said. “Sore? Yeah. But do you ever have a day you’re not sore?”

Brendan Ryan will live to tell the tale on his elbow. After being hit by a pitch yesterday, he’s good to go if the Yankees need him to pinch-hit for Derek Jeter at some point in this series.

Yangervis Solarte is back in the lineup after taking the day off. He’s been slumping quite a bit but Girardi just wanted to give him a day so he’d be refreshed.

“I think (the day off) will help him,” Girardi said. “I think a lot of times when you’re struggling guys can benefit from an off day when they can turn their mind off a little bit and just relax and regroup and get a little more energy.”

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