Brian Cashman is ready to ‘rock-and-roll’

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The MLB trade deadline is just a month away and Brian Cashman is ready to start listening to offers and putting packages together. However, he knows the trade market is quiet and it could be hard to actually make a deal.

“I’m ready to rock-and-roll,” Cashman said. “Those who have are taking their time and I think certain pieces — and it’s been communicated if they get what they want, which would be a extreme call — then they’re ready to move sooner than later. For those who want to step up and really pay the price, obviously it’s going to be a higher price.”

So why is it hard to put a deal together? The players the Yankees want are also being coveted by other teams and in order to get the players the Yankees want, they’re going to have to part with a few of their top prospects, something Cashman isn’t quite comfortable with unless in the right deal. There is the scenario where the top prospects shine with other teams and the players the Yankees get for half the season don’t work out. But does it seem worth sacrificing your young talent for a rental?

“Those are tough conversations to have and they usually hurt a great deal to do so. That’s my experience,” Cashman said. “It gets harder rather than easier, but you’ve got to go through it. You’ve got to figure it out and find ways to get something impactful.”

Some Notes

— Cashman admitted that he’s very surprised the Yankees are only two games out of first place, but he also said the team has been very fortunate. With that said, he also noted he didn’t care what the other teams in the American League East were doing and his only concern is the team in the Bronx.

 “I don’t care about the division. I care about us. So I’m more worried about a lot of the issues we’re trying to deal with,” he said. “I wouldn’t have predicted this on anybody in the division, to be honest. I don’t think anyone would have predicted where they’re at either.”

— Cashman also said the Yankees weren’t expecting Michael Pineda‘s return until August but remember the Yankees signed Andrew Bailey in Spring Training. So, when could the Yankees expect Bailey? Cashman said the Yankees wouldn’t expect him until September at the earliest.


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  1. Chris Duke says:

    Hey Jackass,
    You are responsible for us being in 2nd / 3rd and pissing away the last few months. Get off your ass and find a few pitchers and some fire power or go help another mediocre team asap.

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