Day 2 of HOPE Week honors Career Gear

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On Day 2 of HOPE Week, Derek Jeter, Alfonso Soriano, Jacoby Ellsbury, Hiroki Kuroda and Brian Roberts recognized and honored a group called Career Gear, helping the honorees get fitted in new suits which were provided by DKNY.

Career Gear, which was founded by Gary Field, is an organization that helps promote economic independence of low-income men by providing literacy training, professional attire and career development tools to help enter the work force, becoming role models among their families and communities. Career Gear has helped over 35,000 men transition from poverty to employment.

“Our philosophy is that everyone deserves a second, third or fourth chance,” Field said. “Sometimes just a first chance is what they need. We help men redefine themselves by providing them with the tools to get where they want to go.”

Career Gear follows a curriculum which is similar to attending a semester of High School or College. Participants learn how to properly write a resume, learn about financial investment, social skills and family health. Many who graduate from the program eventually return to mentor the first timers in the program.

“What I want to do is make a difference in people’s lives,” Field said. “I would like to help pass the skills that I have learned to the next generation of people that are dedicated to helping our world move forward.”

Field will be on hand during tonight’s Yankees/Blue Jays game and he will throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

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