Do the Yankees have the pieces to make a trade?

Dellin Betances 2

We all know Brian Cashman isn’t going to sit around and wait for the trade deadline to come; he already told the media on the record that he was going to make a deal for a starting pitcher before July 31st. While the Yankees agree they need to make a trade for Jason Hammel as an example, do they really have the pieces to actually pull it off?

Andy Martino of the New York Daily News wrote a piece about it this morning, stating that the Yankees might not have the big prospects to pull off a trade–but he did say that there are some prospects ready in the minor leagues now that could get them a Hammel or possibly a Cliff Lee. Martino suggested dealing Yankees bullpen piece Dellin Betances, or maybe even considering giving up Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino (who will play in the 2014 Futures Game), Peter O’Brien and Rob Refsnyder, all who are having good seasons in their respective levels.

Now, while I understand the Yankees want to trade for a pitcher to compete at this moment in time, I personally don’t think it’s the greatest idea to trade away the future of the organization just so the Yankees can ‘win now’. I understand this is New York City and the Yankees feel pressure to give the city another championship, but giving away the last few polished prospects the Yankees have for a pitcher that might or might not work out is quite a stretch.

Now, if Brian Cashman does decide to trade away some of the farm, don’t expect a top notch ace; there’s no way those prospects will bring you back David Price or Jeff Samardzija┬áIt will be interesting to see what Cashman does to bring in a pitcher, but at this point all we can do is speculate and actually wait for Cashman to pull the trigger.

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4 Responses to Do the Yankees have the pieces to make a trade?

  1. The Editor says:

    I wouldn't trade Dellin Bettances for any one.

  2. Michael R says:

    Neither would I.

  3. walter says:

    Anyone on the market in the next month is going to be way overpriced — except for the odd salary dump.
    Yanks would be very foolish to trade Betances or Severino — or agree to some ridiculous four for one package. During trade season, some scouts for opposing are on orders to talk down prospects of prospective trade partners. Martino's article was filled with misdirection and misinformation. Lack of superior defense is a minor issue with a kid like O'Brien who is on a pace to hit 45 HRs. Almost nobody does that in the minors. This kid was a second round pick — not some huge hulking softball misfit. He would be a catch for any team. But sure, talk him down and lower his market value. Sane with Ref, who is now hitting something like .340– an ultra-competitor who puts his bat on the ball with remarkable frequency and sting. As to Sanchez, just look at what he's done of late. Now on pace to hit 15-20 HRs as a 21 year old in AA. Very few manage that. Yanks have chips,all right. Loads of talent in this rebounding system. But don't expect personnel from opposing clubs to give them much credit.

    • Pojack11 says:

      Iagree with what you said, especially considering your criticism Martinos devaluing the Yankee prospects. If Brian Roberts doesn't hit soon, you may see him cut and Refsnyder in the mlb. They have had worse minor league systems than they have had now and pulled off trades.

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