“Foul Territory” with Mark Teixeira

Since the 2014 MLB Draft is taking over baseball news, it’s been really quiet on the Yankees front. So, instead of pregame notes, I decided to switch things up a bit and add some laughs before today’s Yankees/Royals game. As I found out recently, Mark Teixeira has his own two minute talk show called “Foul Territory” where he interviews people, while adding a twist to it. As Bryan Hoch of Yankees.com calls it, it’s “Mark Teixeira meets Ron Burgundy” in the sense where it’s supposed to be Teixeira trying to get laughs from his audience. In the episode, Texieria interviews Masahiro Tanaka and his translator, and I have to admit, it’s probably the first time I’ve seen Tanaka actually smile. In the episode above, Teixeira asks Tanaka about him only winning 24 games last season and if Tanaka would want Teixeira to show him around New York City.

Here’s another episode of “Foul Territory” where Teixeira had Brian McCann on as a guest. This was the funniest one, with Teixeira asking McCann who was his favorite teammate on the Atlanta Braves from the years 2007-2008 and was a switch hitter (hint: Teixeira was talking about himself, but McCann instead says Chipper Jones). Then Teixeira made a valid yet funny point on why McCann doesn’t have a Twitter account just so fans could criticize him whenever he goes 0-for-4 in a game. I won’t spoil that answer, so if you haven’t seen it, make sure you do.

YES Network will most likely put up episodes of “Foul Territory” all season long so make sure to follow them on YouTube if you have an account. In the meantime, enjoy the laughs.

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