Girardi keeps Jeter in No. 2 hole with hopes he’ll get on hot streak

Derek Jeter 23

There has been conversation among Yankees fans that Derek Jeter should be dropped in the order due to his limited production this season. Fans have toyed with the idea of moving Jeter to the seven spot to give more productive hitters a chance to hit up in the order. However Joe Girardi isn’t moving Jeter down in the order and he has faith Jeter can get into a hot streak.

“He’s always been a guy that has responded during the course of time,” Girardi said to the New York Daily News. “People have been ready to say that you should move him, and one year he ended up with 200-plus hits, and that sort of thing. You can look at Derek in the No. 2 spot, but we’ve had a lot of guys who have struggled. Maybe because of his name, he’s going to be the focus a little bit, sometimes maybe more than other guys, but we’ve had a lot of guys struggle.”

Derek Jeter is the focus of the anemic lineup for two reasons: He turns 40-years-old in less than 2 weeks and he’s the face of the Yankees. However, fans should take account Jeter isn’t the only one struggling. Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano and Brian McCann aren’t hitting to the back of their baseball cards and Mark Teixeira‘s bat has been quiet after a loud May. Girardi believes everyone will turn it around, and he has faith the team itself can get on a hot streak and propel themselves back into the AL East race.

“These guys have track records and they’re going to work at it,” Girardi said. “And I know they will. You look at it today, they’re working on it right now.”


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3 Responses to Girardi keeps Jeter in No. 2 hole with hopes he’ll get on hot streak

  1. John says:

    I hate to say it, but he shouldn't be batting 2nd or 7th. His bat doesn't make up anymore for all the balls that go under his glove. He should be on the bench.

    • Mike says:

      John, you don't "hate to say it". You're dying to say it. Nobody is making you post. Anybody who prefaces a statement with "I hate to say it" is being disingenuous.
      Brendan Ryan (career MLB .238/.619 hitter) is historically worse than Jeter (.262/.633 this year) is currently.
      If the Yankees had some better infield options, I might be more inclined to agree with you. If they had a better option at 3B than Jeter at SS, I'd even move Solarte over to SS. Ryans FPCT is significantly lower than Jeter's this year: .929 to .973. Sure, maybe he gets to more balls, but if you aren't making the play, does it really matter?
      Among MLB shortstops, Jeter is 18th in AVG, 22nd in OBP, 37th in SLG, and 30th in OPS. He clearly is in the bottom third of the league at his position offensively.

      • Mike says:

        A move to 7th in the batting order until he MAYBE figures some stuff out makes sense, but Solarte is the only person down but it's not like anybody down there is burning things up. Of the hitters that follow Jeter, only Solarte and Ichiro have higher BA's than Jeter. Should the Yankees bench Teixeira, Beltran, McCann, Roberts, and Soriano?
        Benching the face of the franchise during his farewell tour while there's nobody sitting on the bench worth his salt isn't a viable option for Joe Girardi.
        And I LOVE to say it.

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