Has Adam Warren grown accustomed to the pen?


The Yankees continue to stand by their decision of leaving Vidal Nuno in the Yankees rotation, but Nuno has a 5.90 ERA and hasn’t won a game since May 7th. Media have suggested that the Yankees move Adam Warren from the bullpen to the rotation, and for now both Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi downplayed that they were talking about it. Before the game, Adam Warren was asked about the possibility of him entering the Yankees rotation to replace as struggling Nuno. As expected, Warren said all the right things.

“I’m just trying to take it day-by-day,” he said. “I’m definitely open to it. I’ve always wanted to be a starter.”

As he spoke, he hinted that he was more comfortable in the Yankees bullpen and had transitioned quite nicely. He has a 2.19 ERA since becoming a late-inning weapon and has seen his WHIP and K/9 stats improve since last year. However, Warren warned the media that if he were to transition from the pen to the rotation, he might not have the same success as he does now.

“I feel like I’ll have to transition a bit because I’ve been in the mindset of a reliever,” he said. “It’s definitely two different mindsets. It’s more difficult than most people think.”

The Yankees haven’t decided on what they’re going to do with Warren right now, but Warren assured the media his role isn’t ‘up in the air’.

“Things aren’t really up in the air with me with what we’re going to do,” he said. “Obviously, there are discussions, and I have my thoughts and beliefs. We talk about it as an organization, but I wouldn’t say things are up in the air with me.”

Some Notes

— It was pretty quiet today but CC Sabathia threw a 25-pitch bullpen session. He’s still far away from returning to the Yankees, but his workload is expected to increase on Saturday if there’s no set-backs. As for a timetable, don’t bother asking for one. That’s one thing that’s up in the air for the Yankees.

“I can’t get give you the exact time but you’re trying to build him up to 90 pitches,” Girardi said. “He threw a bullpen today. Three bullpens and maybe a couple of live BPs and then you start games. So, he’s kind of on that track. I don’t know if it’s the exact track, exactly how long it’s going to take. For me to get into specifics, it doesn’t make a lot of sense because if he needs an extra time here one time. For me the important thing is getting (through it) day-by-day, and every time he goes out and throws another bullpen or goes beyond that, it’s a positive sign. And right now, the signs are positive.”


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3 Responses to Has Adam Warren grown accustomed to the pen?

  1. hotdog says:

    why mess with success…

  2. Michael R says:

    I agree.

  3. John says:

    Nuno isn't cutting it and CC is six weeks away, if he's a solution at all. There doesn't seem to be anybody decent left to bring up. Unless Cashman can pull something off, Warren going to the rotation might be the only option. I agree that he wouldn't be as good a starter as he is a reliever, but he'd be a better starter than Nuno.

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