Highlights from 2014 Old Timers Day

Paul O'Neill, Darryl Strawberry

Old Timers Day is always a fun event, it’s where the players that had an impact on Yankees history gather to play an innocent ball game. Goose Gossage was honored with a plaque in Monument Park, the old timers got some at-bats in, Hideki Matsui pitched and there were some laughs. Here were the highlights of the 2014 Old Timers Day.

Highlights of Old Timers Day

Goose Gossage Ceremony: Before there was Mariano Rivera closing games, there was Goose Gossage, and this afternoon he was honored by the  New York Yankees for his remarkable career with the team from 1978-1983. He was honored with a plaque in Monument Park and he was grateful to the organization.

Pregame Ceremony: As you expected, all of the Old Timers in attendance were announced before the sellout crowd at Yankee Stadium. What you didn’t expect was Buck Showalter getting acknowledged. He was the Yankees manager before the Joe Torre era, but he’s also the manager of the Baltimore Orioles, the team the Yankees are playing against. It was a very nice gesture and very classy move from the organization.

Old Timers Game: The Bombers beat the Clippers 7-3, but the score didn’t really matter. It was about seeing players from your childhood or from your parents childhood take the field and play for fun. David Cone probably learned not to face fellow pitcher David Wells, Hideki Matsui took the mound to face Reggie Jackson–and can’t really offer pitching advice to Masahiro Tanaka (who is pitching today), John Flaherty can still play baseball and I still wonder why Johnny Damon retired considering he looks like he never took a day off in his life. There was trash talk, there were extra-base hits and there was Yogi Berra who has become a constant at Old Timers Day for many years.

Quotes From Old Timers Day

“If I strike out, I’m never coming to Old Timers Day again.” – John Flaherty before he went 2-for-2.

“Those were for the Boston years!” – David Cone to Johnny Damon after Damon was hit by a pitch.

“That pitch was low!” Paul O’Neill as soon as the ball was thrown and called a strike.

“Here, a souvenir.” – John Flaherty after making a nice running catch on a pop up behind home plate and handing the ball to Lee Mazzili.

Some Notes

— Back to the New York Yankees, who are about to play against the Orioles, Joe Girardi said he’s not going to skip Vidal Nuno in the rotation despite his struggles. He explained the decision by putting emphasis on the other starting pitchers: Hiroki Kuroda is 39, Chase Whitley is a rookie and Masahiro Tanaka is still adjusting to the ‘one start every fifth day’ rule.

Michael Pineda still has some inflammation in his back and the Yankees pushed back his throwing program to Saturday. The doctor believes there’s no need for a second MRI.

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