Kelly Johnson on the trade market?


When the Yankees signed Kelly Johnson over the offseason, they figured he would be the primary third basemen while Alex Rodriguez was on the restricted list and a part-time first basemen for the days Mark Teixeira needed to take a day-off. However, Yangervis Solarte had taken Johnson’s job at third and he hasn’t done well at first base defensively. With the trade deadline a month away, does that mean Johnson could be potential trade bait?

 Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News lists the first basemen that could be on the trading block as the trade deadline approaches: The Washington Nationals’ Tyler Moore, the Pittsburgh Pirates Gabby Sanchez, the Philadelphia Phillies John Mayberry Jr., the Texas Rangers Mitch Moreland–and of course, Johnson.

Johnson’s primarily a second basemen, but he has played 23 games at first base this season.  If the Yankees are considering trading Johnson, it wouldn’t be a wise move. Despite Solarte’s presence to the ball club, the infield depth is extremely thin, and all moving Johnson would do is expose that. If the Yankees do decide to deal Johnson (which again, I don’t think they should), he would be owed approximately $1.845 Million from the $3 Million deal he signed over the winter.

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  1. tom says:

    For now, Johnson should be 2B or RF for a full time job to see if he rebounds back offensively. When he was with Rays, he played better than this year's line when he was either 2B or LF. Obviously, Gardner isn't going to be moved to RF.

    If none works out then Yankees have no reason to keep him any longer. He has been struggling in 2nd half since the end of 2010.

    Brian Roberts, too, has to go.

    Alfonso Soriano can be limited to off bench RH role but I would love to give Adonis Garcia a try so Garcia would need Soriano's spot on 25/40 roster.

    Jose Pirela and Kyle Roller should be in the MLB trial as well. Since Garcia, Pirela and Roller won't play 3B exclusively, Solarte should be a full time 3B. Pirela and Garcia can be seen at 2B, 1B, DH and RF. Roller at 1B and DH.

    I think Zolio Almonte needs to give up switch hitting in favor of lefty. Keep him at AAA to work out on Lefty vs Lefty contest.

    That is how I feel but fucked if I still fantasize the roster. lol.

    • Kevin S says:

      Exactly! Johnson has versatility but Roberts and Johnson have been awful. At some point, Yanks will be better served to turn to youth such as Pirela and Garcia. This current group isn't working and probably isn't going to. Offensively, it's too ugly too watch.

    • Thornton says:

      You are referring to Yankee minor leaguers? Last I heard Girardi expressed frustration that minor leaguers were coming to team "not knowing fundamentals". Hal Steinbrenner, rather than adress the people that run the minors and draft poorly, decided to "do things differently in minors" and fired some minor coaches. Forgive me then if I don't even waste my time thinking about what passes for prospects in the Yankees system.How is former stud Montero doing in Seattle? Of course they're so loaded with prospect at catcher in minors they could afford to trade Montero. Then they go and sign Mcann while boasting about their prospects at catcher-Murphy, Sanchez etc.

  2. Don says:

    I'll drive him to airport !! What the heck are you going get for him?? He Sucks !!

    • Nick says:

      Agreed, Why did they give up on Nunez ? hitting. 291 in minn. Better than Roberts and Johnson.l

      • John says:

        They would have been happy to keep Nunez if they could find a position where he would commit less than 30 errors a year.

    • bart says:

      Amen brother, Roberts and Kelly stink, let them go bring up the kids see what you got !!

      • jmk says:

        You forgot to add JETER to your stink list, The $12,000,000 slug who should have retired with MO last year, but wait, if Jeter had retired with MO then he couldn't have this goofy farewell tour all to HIMSELF (selfish). If Jeter really cared how the Yanks are preforming then he would bench himself as he ain't cutting it. People say Jeter should be batting in the # 1 slot, myself I feel he should be in the # 11 slot. He has had a great run, and needs to let it go.

  3. Charlie says:

    need to get rid Girardi the yanks will never win wit a pussy like him dig up billy

  4. Balt Yank says:

    I agree, not sure you could even give Johnson away. That being said, considering that Johnson is younger and has power, I am not sure why he is not playing 2B over Brian Roberts. Why is JR Murphy being trained as back-up 1B? Play Ichiro FT.

  5. yankee fan says:

    Yankees got to get rid of Cashman. His glory days has only been with the players Buck and Stick had there.
    Since he fully took over he only bring in other teams rejects. As long as he is there Yankees will only be
    a sinking ship.

  6. Lefty says:

    The Yanks need to fire Cashman and re-hire Gene Michael; he has no clue; and it all started with not signing Beltran when Bernie was in his last year, giving the bum from Japan 47big one for 1 major league win. he refused to pull the trigger on Davish, he refused to pick up Alex Rios for nothing; as he was cut by the Sox's; the kid had a bad season after almost dying from a staph infection; now he is back to being the best fielding right fielder in baseball.
    He has made so many errors; that he has become gun-shy to sign top notch international talent wanting to come to NY. We need Geno or John Hart.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Gene Michael is 76 years old. He is probably enjoying retirement, and deservedly so.

  7. jameshendrickson says:

    this watching the Yankees is bad for my health need major changes first get rid of batting coach then do not offer a new contract to cash time for new ideas his don't work. hey go with a kid at second how bad can hit we have no hitting there maybe you be surprise at what a kid can do

  8. Mr. Boffin says:

    Cashman, Long, Roberts, Johnson all have to go. I had hopes for Roberts and KJ but they are crippling dead spots in lineup and infield. AAA kids are mashing. Wheeler, Pirella, Roller etc may not be top prospects but what do Yanks have to lose by giving them chance. This team is dead as is. Kevin Long seems to have made a real mess of what figured to be pretty good offensive team. Maybe it's not his fault — but it sure doesn't look good.

  9. Mr. Boffin says:

    Why is Yankee offense so bad?
    Here's one way to look at it. Yanks spent big to bolster offense with McCann, Betran and Ells. With such key additions, they felt they could go cheap at second and third with Roberts/KJ. But Beltran and McCann have been huge disappointments, Jeter now carries light bat. Soriano has fallen apart. Suddenly, Yanks can't afford luxury of light-hitting defensively sub-par BR and KJ.
    Obviously, Yanks can't cut high priced talent and have to hope for health and rebounds. Soriano has been dreadful but he did lead league in HRs after ASB last year so you probably just pray for turnaround. Where they can make moves is 2b/3b. And bringing up two of Pirella/Wheeler,Roller/Garcia etc group makes sense. May unearth a useful player and create some market value (something Yanks nver seem to consider). Also allows Ref to go to AAA, which he's earned. And serves notice that this team needs rebuilding- -and the process starts now.

  10. Ario says:

    Zealous Wheeler is playing well in Scranton plays multiple positions and he is hitting well. What are chances he may be called up?

  11. dfa soriano, roberts…………… johnson all the time to see if he can do it. if after 40-50 games he cannot, dfa him also. when starters are healthy, phelps and nuno to pen. hope whitley can keep folling major leaguerers for now. beltran and elsbury need to get it going.

  12. tomy cassella says:

    in their last ten games, the yanks have scored four or fewer freaking runs. somebody has to take responsibility and that responsibility goes to kevin long.

  13. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with JC, though maybe dfa brian roberts first, bring up Almonte for the RF platoon, and see if Soriano can re-ignite in a pitch-hitting role. Fire Kevin Long, send a message. Cashman has always been a rich, but never been a good GM.

  14. tomy cassella says:

    soriano has seen his better days.

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