Mark Teixeira optimistic cortisone shot worked

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Earlier this afternoon, Mark Teixeira took batting practice, declared his wrist was okay and went to get ready for tonight’s game. Before he took BP, he was penciled in the Yankees lineup and of course, he wanted to stay in the lineup in order to get some at-bats against the Oakland Athletics. Teixeira spoke about the cortisone shot he received a few days prior, and he’s optimistic the shot worked.

“It feels better,” Teixeira said. “I saw the doctor yesterday. We think the shot has worked. Hopefully it will continue to feel better, hopefully that’s today. I’ll see in a couple minutes.”

Joe Girardi didn’t bother checking in with Teixeira, knowing that if he had to change the lineup, he would. So far, Teixeira seems healthy enough to play.

“I think you’re going to watch it for a while to see how he does and make sure,” Girardi said. “Hopefully it’s cleared up and it doesn’t come back. Obviously I’m going to pay close attention to it and see how he’s feeling. If it gets him, it will probably be more hitting left handed than right handed.”

Having Mark Teixeira back in the lineup is a big boost, especially since the offense is lethargic right now. It’s also possible for the Yankees to have Carlos Beltran by the weekend series, but just having Teixeira back will make the lineup a little more deeper.

“I think it’s important that they do what they’re capable of doing,” Girardi said. “We know that they’re extremely capable of being run producers and driving the ball – doubles, home runs. The one thing is, you can’t put too much on their plate and say, you have to carry us, because it has to be consistency up and down the lineup. But when you add those two guys, your lineup gets deeper, and that helps as well.”

Some Notes

— Both Carlos Beltran and Francisco Cervelli played in minor league games and they came out of it okay. Beltran will play one more game tomorrow before joining the Yankees in Kansas City on Friday.

Shawn Kelley is still on track to throw a simulated game tomorrow.

Masahiro Tanaka has won the American League Pitcher of the Month award for the month of May. He had a 1.88 ERA in that time span, but when he was asked about how he felt, he was a little underwhelmed. He was honored he won the award but he says it doesn’t justify that he’s made it in The Show. Would a World Series ring help matters?


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