Nuno prepares to face Mariners after rainout


After an unscheduled day off in Kansas City, the New York Yankees are packing their bags and are heading to Seattle where they will begin a three game set against Robinson Cano and the Mariners at Safeco Field.

Vidal Nuno was supposed to make the start yesterday, but because of the rain out, they pushed Nuno’s start back to tonight,¬†slotting¬†Masahiro Tanaka tomorrow. Vidal Nuno is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pitcher: he pitches terribly at Yankee Stadium but seems to find his groove on the road. What do I mean? He has a 6.21 ERA at Yankee Stadium while his road ERA is a sparkling 2.08. It didn’t take Nuno long to figure out what was wrong with that picture.

“It’s just the ballpark probably, it’s smaller at home,” Nuno said.

Nuno has never faced the Seattle Mariners, but he would like to build on his last outing, where he only went 4 2/3 against the Oakland Athletics while giving up two runs on six hits and striking out five.

“I felt in a groove the first few innings, it’s just the last two innings leadoff hitters got on and that got me into trouble,” Nuno said.

If Nuno is going to win against the Mariners, he’s going to need the Yankees offense to wake up. I’ll have the pitching matchups later in the afternoon but I can tell you, this promises to be one interesting series.

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3 Responses to Nuno prepares to face Mariners after rainout

  1. tom says:

    Trevor Cahill is DFAed by Diamondbacks. Surely, he has been declining but he has strength of 200 IP which may be good to replace Kuroda next year for only 12m. Ryan and Solarte may be SS and 2B next year so the defense should be better for Cahill.

    Getting him now so Yankees can try to correct or clean up Cahill's issue for 2015. In addition to that, Cahill could pitch longer than Nuno this year to save bullpen for better use.

    2014 rotation:

    Nuno then Cahill.

    CC and Pineda' return should bolster the rotation. ha!


    Nova or Phelps or Whitley.

    I think Sabathia is only a starter who is over 27 years old.

    Very much I like Phelps and Whitley to be part of big 4 next year but you know how is the Yankees.

    Vet Vet Vet Vet so let's swap of Cahill and Nuno.

  2. Robert Rufa says:

    Don't tell me Nuno's another Hughes. How does Girardi pitch him around Yankee stadium? And if Yankee Stadium is such a hitter's park, how come no one told the Yankee hitters?

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