Robertson reflects on second blown save


We all know pitchers aren’t perfect, and even David Robertson knows he’s not perfect, but he blew his second save in his last five attempts during yesterday’s 7-2 loss against the Minnesota Twins, and he wasn’t happy about it at all.

“I stunk today,” Robertson said after yesterday’s game. “What can I say? I didn’t get the job done.”

Robertson meant to leave a cutter down and away to batter Josh Willingham, but instead Willingham deposited the pitch into the right field seats, earning Robertson his second blown save of the year. Robertson was later tagged for five runs, seeing his ERA balloon from 2.06 to 4.50 in a matter of ten minutes. Many figured it had to do with him throwing 27 pitches his last time out, when he did notch the save, but Robertson insisted he felt fine and that his pitches were just inconsistent.

“I just wasn’t consistent and it cost us a lot of runs and a chance to even come back in that ball game,” Robertson said. “I’m frustrated with that, absolutely. I still had to keep fighting. In my head, I kept thinking, ‘I’m a pitch away,’ but I couldn’t stop them.”

As everyone remembers, Mariano Rivera would also have bad games, kind of like Robertson did today. And it’s not a time to move Robertson out of the closer role, it’s far too early for that. Some fans are going to have to realize that in a post-Mo world, Robertson is the closer and the Yankees aren’t going to give up on him. Robertson and Rivera are as different as can be: Mariano Rivera’s a Hall-of-Fame legend and Robertson is simply a great pitcher. However, they do have one thing in common: turning the page to a new day.

“I’ll try to put it behind me,” he said. “We’ve got another game [Monday]. If I don’t pitch [then], I hope I get a chance the next day. I’m itching to get back out there. I want to prove I can still do this.”


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6 Responses to Robertson reflects on second blown save

  1. ken says:

    Robertson no matter what he say 's will never be a good closer. Even when he has his stuff he still throws way too many pitches in one inn. Then he is lost for the next game.

  2. hotdog says:

    he might not be the Yankees future closer but it's too early to tell…i see Dellin Betances waiting in the wings…

  3. Gerry says:

    Rivera struggled in his early days as a Yankee both as a starter and then as a reliever. So long as Robertson doesn't hold onto the bad outings he will do well. Despite his loss Sunday he has still been successfully on all his save attempts except two.

  4. tom says:

    Robertson is 1 for 2 on 24 pitches for a consecutive games. Too early to say he lacks closing material.

  5. J.J. says:

    He was a great 8th inning guy….that's about it.

  6. hotdog says:

    the Yankees had to give Robertson his shot but he was a dominant set up guy and I would prefer he return to that position and the Yankees go out and find a decent closer…that's not going to happen and I hope Robertson has the same success as a closer but that's a tall task…he's young though and talented…

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