Tanaka aims for 10th win of the season against Mariners


Masahiro Tanaka has easily been the Yankees best pitcher this season, he’s been everything he has advertised and is worth every penny the Yankees are paying him. Tanaka was easily able to get to nine wins before the All-Star Break and tonight he’ll go for win number 10 against Chris Young and the Seattle Mariners.

Tanaka has yet to have a bad outing this season; even the game he lost wasn’t a bad outing, but Tanaka is constantly hard on himself when he doesn’t pitch to his high standards. He wasn’t too thrilled with his last start, going six innings while giving up one run on five hits and striking out four against the Oakland Athletics at Yankee Stadium, but it was enough for the Yankees to get the win.

The Yankees offense continues to struggle, but Tanaka has been the one constant on the roster and in the rotation. The Yankees are relying on Tanaka to pitch well, but the offense needs to hit. Scoring three runs every night isn’t going to be enough to win every single game, and this lineup is more than capable of performing well. Could last night’s win help the Yankees gain momentum? They sure hope so.

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