Teixeira back in lineup, Jeter has scheduled off day

Mark Teixeira 8

Nothing much going on for the Yankees tonight, so here’s some news and tidbits before first pitch:

Mark Teixeira: Mark Teixeira is back in the lineup tonight after being hit by a pitch on his foot. Despite Teixeira believing his toe was broken which caused him to spike his helmet on the grass, it turns out he dodged a bullet after his X-Ray results came back negative.

Derek Jeter: Derek Jeter is taking a normal day off tonight; he was told yesterday that tonight he would be on the bench. I also imagine Jeter is sitting because Joe Girardi doesn’t want him playing on turf for three games in a row? I’m just guessing but it seems pretty logical.

Jose Bautista: No, Jose Bautista is not a Yankee, but Bautista might sit out the Jays/Yankees series with a mild hamstring injury. That would be a big break for the Yankees but what’s a bigger break is missing Brett Lawrie as well. After he was hit on the hand three times by three different teams (Orioles, Yankees, Reds), he ultimately broke his hand and landed on the DL. It’s bad for Lawrie since he was coming into his own, but good for the Yankees since they don’t have to face him.

Manny Banuelos: Manny Banuelos was put on the Double-A disabled list with a blister issue. It’s not supposed to keep him out for long and it’s not supposed to be a big deal if it’s not a recurring problem.

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