Video: “Foul Territory” with Mark Teixeira and Jacoby Ellsbury

YES Network announced there were three more episodes of “Foul Territory” before this one aired, but fans are already asking for more. And of course for good reason. It shows fans a completely new side of Mark Teixeira, who channels his inner Chris Farley and Ron Burgundy.

On the latest episode of “Foul Territory”, Teixeira interviews Yankees CF Jacoby Ellsbury and they discuss possibly getting into a race (Texieria says he won’t be ready for a few weeks, due to a headache), beavers (and Teixeira’s bad experience with beavers) and both of them being runners-up in the MVP race (with Teixeira asking whether or not Ellsbury has called the media writers and asked why they didn’t vote for him to be first). Not to mention, Teixeira and Ellsbury talk about Teixeira’s jacket.

There are two scheduled episodes with Brian Roberts and Derek Jeter, but with the fans asking for more episodes, it’s entirely possible Teixeira picks up the microphone again and interviews some of his other teammates. Honestly, my dream episode would be with Teixeira interviewing Brett Gardner. Both of them are known for having a funny bone in their body, so to combine it together would beĀ out of this world. Oh, and we can add Ichiro Suzuki to the list as well. Anything with Ichiro would be awesome.

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