Yankees face Rays in last of AL East showdowns


For the last two weeks, the Yankees have faced the Toronto Blue Jays twice, the Baltimore Orioles once and the Boston Red Sox once, and they’ve done a decent job keeping afloat in the AL East despite their rotation troubles and offensive woes. This next three game series is the last of the American League showdowns (for now) as the Yankees face the last place Tampa Bay Rays. But don’t be fooled, the Rays are coming off winning three-out of-four games against the Baltimore Orioles.

For some reason, the Yankees have been unable to defeat the Tampa Bay Rays and they have a daunting task as they’ll face Chris Archer, David Price and Jake Odorizzi. Price isn’t having a “Price-like’ season, and Archer doesn’t have the greatest numbers either, but if there’s one thing they both have in common, it’s that they have the Yankees numbers on speed dial. To oppose the Rays, the Yankees will send David Phelps, Hiroki Kuroda and Vidal Nuno to the mound.

If there’s one thing the Yankees needs to do, it’s to have their pitching and hitting click together. For two-out of the-three games against the Red Sox, the hitting was there. For Masahiro Tanaka‘s start, the pitching was there. The Yankees need to find some way to incorporate both together so they can get on a hot streak before the All-Star break. This series against the Rays would be a good start to do so.

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