Yankees hope to get back on right track vs. Jays


To say last night’s game was bad was an understatement. The offense showed up too late, Whitley wasn’t good at all and the Yankees are now in third place. The Yankees have a chance to change their fortunes around tonight as they face Mark Buehrle in game two of their series against the Blue Jays.

The Yankees need two things in order to have a successful game two: David Phelps to pitch well and the Yankees offense to click. The offense has been quite a disappointment this season and most of the team aren’t hitting the way you would expect them to hit. The rare exception would be Brett Gardner, who is having a nice season for himself but other than that the Yankees aren’t hitting like the Yankees.

David Phelps has done well in his last two starts and he plans on making it a good third start in a row. He’s opposing Mark Buehrle who doesn’t have the best track record against the Bombers, but he’s had a great season overall with a 10-4 record.

The Yankees have to win, there’s no going around it. If they want any chance of getting closer to first place in the American League East, they have to play well enough to have the Blue Jays surrender the top spot.

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