Yankees hope to salvage final game of series vs. Blue Jays

New York Yankees Hiroki Kuroda

When the Blue Jays came to Yankee Stadium, the Yankees were able to sweep them in their home ballpark. Fast forward to a week later and the Yankees are about to face the same fate at the Rogers Centre.

Before we look ahead to tonight, let’s rewind to yesterday’s game for a moment. Last night’s game was a game that was utterly, utterly disappointing. The only highlight would have to be the Yankees coming back six runs down to tie the game, but the fact they wasted Dellin Betances‘s bare-down eighth inning and how they wasted a Brett Gardner single in the bottom of the 8th only to not score him while he was at third as the go-ahead run was unacceptable. With that being said, it’s a new day and it’s time to focus on tonight.

The Yankees are going to rely on Hiroki Kuroda to stop the Blue Jays but the Yankees also have to work on having tight defense. That was what did them in last night, and it can’t do them in tonight. If the Yankees can’t get the defense together, if the pitching can’t shut down the opposing offense and if the Yankees can’t have a consistent offense, then they could see themselves on the wrong end of a three-game sweep, and that’s taking a huge step backward from where they were a few days ago.

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