Yankees interested in John Mayberry Jr.? 12


The Yankees have a pretty good outfield, but with Brian Cashman saying the Yankees are almost certain to make a trade before the deadline, does that mean he has his eyes set on John Mayberry Jr.?

According to Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com, the Yankees and the Red Sox are both interested in the Philadelphia Phillies outfielder. The Yankees are so interested, they had a scout watching Mayberry Jr. during Wednesday’s game in Atlanta. The Phillies have said Mayberry Jr. has been available in trades for a few months but with the Phillies outfield thin, they now might be hesitant to trade him. In his last 21 games, Mayberry is 16-for-46 (.348 AVG) since taking over center field for the injured Ben Revere.

The Yankees outfield has had it’s ups and downs this season: Brett Gardner has been on a tear of late, Jacoby Ellsbury is healthy and Ichiro Suzuki is producing in his limited playing time. However, Alfonso Soriano has had an abysmal three months of the season and Carlos Beltran is strictly the designated hitter. The Yankees might be considering Mayberry Jr. to give the OF some depth, and some offense. The fact Brett Gardner is leading the outfield in home runs tells how little power there is. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if the Yankees looked into dealing for Mayberry Jr. but I’m sure there are other areas on the team that need more addressing (the starting rotation).

12 thoughts on “Yankees interested in John Mayberry Jr.?

  • Rob Abruzzese

    This Yankees squad has no chance of making the playoffs, imo. It has a weak offense and huge holes in its rotation and even if they miraculously won a Wild Card spot, they would be embarrassed in the playoffs.

    On that note, I sincerely hope that the Yankees don't make any short-term trades (I.E. last season's Alfonso Soriano deal). Deals, if they are to be made, should be made with 2015 or even 2016 in mind. Let's not pretend that 1 or 2 trades plus CC Sabathia's return are going to turn this team into a contender. The Yankees farm system isn't very good right now and it will be devastating if it is raided in some weak attempt at saving face this season.

  • True yank

    Dude ur nuts if yanks won wildcard and had a one game first
    Round against the other wild card winner they would pitch tanaka and beat anybody in the league

  • tom

    Mayberry wont be a FA until 2017 so Phillies wont trade him for a cheap alternative. Zero shot.

  • Sam

    I sag trade cervelli or romine and ichiro for Mayberry jr and another player. But I think Kelly Johnson and romine would be most realistic and would allow us to be good.

  • Angel torres

    They can add mayberry, they can add stanton they can add puig, they can add rollins , they can add all of that and it wont make a lick of difference!!! Until the pitching is fixed, Jesus Christ Son of God coudnt help this team!!! What good does it do anyone if you can only win when Tanaka pitches? Kuroda is a mess and the same goes for Nuno. Phelps is inconsistent and 3-0 is good for Whitley but still too soon. We win 2 but then lose 3 and its our bad pitching that cant stop other teams. We need pitching and the rest will fall into place. Its like the NFL, what good is a high powered offense if when right after a score, the other team scores right away because ur defense sucks!! Get pitching get pitching!!! We screwed up last year in Marianos last year, lets not do that again to Jeter, we must make playoffs and at least attempt to go out with a bang

  • Matt

    I know this won't happen because the Yankees can't/don't give young guys a chance, but Jose Pirela can play the outfield and is having a good year in triple-A. Another plus is he would level out the team being a pure righty bat. Of the 13 position players on the Yankees, only 4 of them are pure righty hitters and two of them (Soriano and Ryan) don't hit.

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