Yankees offense continues to struggle

Brett Gardner 22

If you look at the Yankees lineup on paper, they have an all around well constructed lineup. You have the speedsters in Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury at the top of the lineup with Derek Jeter sandwiched in the middle. You have the power hitters like Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran and Mark Teixeira as your RBI guys in the middle of the lineup. And then you have the bottom three Yankees in the order like Yangervis Solarte, Brian Roberts and a random bench player stemming from Brendan Ryan to Alfonso Soriano to Kelly Johnson.

Sounds like a great lineup, right? Well, the lineup looks great–but it hasn’t performed to its potential. Brett Gardner has honestly been the only consistent regular hitter in the Yankees lineup as he hasn’t gone through a terrible slump. Solarte and Ichiro have exceeded expectations–and that’s pretty much where the praise for the hitters end. The power guys aren’t hitting with runners in scoring position, Alfonso Soriano keeps striking out and when it seems like the Yankees are going to catch a break, they don’t. It’s a frustrating time to be the Yankees and it’s also a frustrating time to be a Yankees fan, but the only thing we can do is ride the slump until the team starts hitting in a consistent matter.

“Everyone has to be responsible,” Beltran said. “I want to go there and I hope I can help the lineup — make it better and score some runs. I know we’re going through a rough stretch, but it’s a long season. I know that every game counts and all that, but this team is going to hit.”

The Yankees only averaged approximately 2.9 runs a game during their 2-5 home-stand and they were unable to tack on runs after scoring four runs in the second and third inning of last night’s 4-2 victory. Joe Girardi has seen this before multiple times. He’s seen is as a manager and he’s seen it as a player. Girardi feels it’s his job to get the Yankees offense rolling and to find a way for the ball club to squeak out wins.

“It’s part of my job,” he said. “I’ve done it as a player, I’ve done it as a manager. You do your best to make the right decisions. Put guys in a position to be successful and you go from there.”

The Yankees are going to face Danny Duffy tonight and while he’s had a bad track against the Yankees in the past, he could turn it around and be the pitcher the Yankees didn’t want to see. Will the Yankees offense wake up from their slumber soon and hit like they’re capable of? Time will tell, but for now they’re struggling–yet they’re quite lucky they’re not under .500 in the American League East standings right now.

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