Yankees “OK” with Napoli’s comment


If you had the popcorn all ready for tonight’s Red Sox vs. Yankees matchup and you were hoping the Yankees would retaliate because of Mike Napoli‘s “idiot” comment towards Masahiro Tanaka‘s pitch selection–then you’re going to be disappointed, because according to Joe Girardi there will be no retaliation.

“I kind of heard second-hand,” Girardi said. “I don’t make much of it. It’s yesterday, it’s heat of the moment, and it doesn’t really change the complexion of the game. And it doesn’t change today’s game.”

Sure, Mike Napoli didn’t flip the bat or showboat while watching the ball fly into the stands, but Napoli still made a personal attack towards Tanaka and his pitch selection. When a player uses the word “idiot” to describe a mistake an opposing ace made, it’s troublesome. Maybe I’m just sensitive or maybe I have a thing about loyalty where I believe in sticking up for my teammates and not letting anyone step all over them, but if this was the late 1990’s, the Yankees wouldn’t let Napoli’s comment go so easily. Of course we’re in a different time and the Yankees offense isn’t as good as it used to be, but maybe Girardi’s thinking is a Yankees victory would be the only way to actually retaliate against the Red Sox.. If that’s Girardi’s plan, I’m all for it, but I also believe in sticking by a teammate and it would be interesting to see if the Yankees actually plan stick to their word.

Some Notes

— Time to move on to non-Mike Napoli notes: CC Sabathia spoke to Joe Girardi about his rehab start and Sabathia feels fine. Girardi said Sabathia’s next move would be a bullpen session where he could evaluate him.

“(Head trainer) Stevie (Donahue) talked to him and he said he felt good,” he said. “He’ll be here to throw a bullpen and we’ll take a look at it and decide where his next start is. They talked about it being maybe closer to here.”

— Speaking of evaluation, what do you think of Brian McCann in the first half, Joe?

“If you were to look solely at how our staff has done, his RBI totals and his home runs, you’d probably say, ‘You know what? He’s having a pretty good year.’ But when you look at that average, that’s kind of glaring. I think people say, ‘You know what? He’s not having the year that he’s capable of.’ I know he expects more from himself, but some of the important numbers, he’s doing a pretty good job at,” he said. “He’s done a really good job with our staff. He’s with his eighth or ninth starter at this point. He had to learn a whole new league. He had to learn five starters who didn’t last very long. Three of them got hurt pretty quickly, and he had to really familiarize himself with three more.”

— Also, it’s early but so far the tweet of the night goes to Bryan Hoch of Yankees.com. He said this, which really makes you stop and wonder how bothersome Napoli’s “idiot” comment would be if it came from a player like Alex Rodriguez.

Imagine, in some alternate universe, where A-Rod hit a big home run and was heard yelling, “What an idiot!” How do you think that’d go?

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  1. Steve B says:

    I like the alternative universe analogy…also, what kind of role model is Napoli when millions of Little Leaguers what him say "What an idiot !" on TV ?…I will tell our Little Leaguers to be like Jeter NOT like Napoli.

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