Yankees send Nuno to the mound to even series


The Yankees need to build momentum after getting off to a horrible start to the home stand. For that, the Yankees will send Vidal Nuno to the mound with hopes he can help the Yankees get their second win in the last five games.

The Yankees offense has been sluggish, especially since they only scored 10 runs in five games, but the offense isn’t the only problem. The starting rotation aside from Masahiro Tanaka has been a disappointment, and the bullpen has also had their fair share of hiccups. I’m going to be honest about this Yankees team: They need to win or else they’re going to end up in serious, serious trouble. They’re already five games down in the American League East to the Toronto Blue Jays and the only time they seem to be able to win is when Tanaka takes the mound. The Yankees offense needs to start scoring runs, the pitching needs to become consistent and the bullpen needs to be in lock down mode. Vidal Nuno could give the Yankees that start that they’re looking for.

Nuno didn’t have a particularly good outing his last time out, but for the most part, he’s been okay for the Yankees. Although he’s been good, he needs to beĀ great. He needs to give the Yankees length late in ball games. He needs to give the Yankees a chance to win when he’s on the mound. Can the Yankees start a winning streak tonight? Let’s hope so–because writing about the Yankees struggles has become extremely repetitive.

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  1. Susan says:

    In my opinion Nuno has some good potential for the team. Lets hope that he will the team to play better in the next games…

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