2014 Yankees mid-season report cards: Bench and Management


Yangervis Solarte 2

For the final installment of the 2014 Yankees mid-season report cards, we take you to the Yankees bench and the management. How will the two bench players and the Yankees management fair? Let’s take a look.

Yangervis SolarteSolarte was the feel good story in Spring Training: he spent eight years in the minor leagues, was a non-roster invitee and ended up making the team over Eduardo Nunez. For the first two months, the Yankees decision to bring Solarte up was the best decision ever. However, he struggled going into the All-Star break and even had a short minor leagues stint in the process. He says he knows he needs to be more aggressive going into the second half and he made adjustments, but will those adjustments work should the Yankees choose to keep him here?

Solarte’s Mid-Season Grade:


Brendan RyanLet’s face it, Brendan Ryan can’t hit a lick–but boy can he play the infield. He didn’t start the season with the team since he was on the disabled list but he’s been very good defensively whenever Derek Jeter needed a rest.

Ryan’s Mid-Season Grade:


Joe GirardiI know there are some Yankees fans that dislike Joe Girardi, but here’s the thing: without Joe Girardi and with the run differential they have, the Yankees should be fighting for last place. Instead, they’re in the middle of a race for the American League East. He’s had to deal with injuries to 80% of the rotation but he’s managed the bullpen beautifully and he’s done everything that he could with an inconsistent lineup.

Girardi’s Mid-Season Grade:


Brian Cashman: During the offseason, Brian Cashman went on a shopping spree, spending approximately $500 Million with hopes the Yankees could win another Championship. Obviously he can’t hit for the players he signed, but he has made extremely questionable moves. He hasn’t found a true replacement to Robinson Cano and he hasn’t really found a replacement to Alex Rodriguez at third base. Not to mention, he recently made a trade for Jeff Francis from the Oakland A’s who’s numbers are highly questionable. Cashman’s in the final year of his contract, and with the moves he’s making, could it be time for a change?

Cashman’s Mid-Season Grade:


New York Yankees: Well, the Yankees should be in a better position with the lineup they have, but it could be worse. The Yankees could be fighting for last place with the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. Their overall record at half the season gives them a clear-cut grade but if they want to improve, then they’re going to have to make some changes. I honestly can’t see this team competing in the postseason with an inconsistent lineup and overbearing injuries.

Yankees Mid-Season Grade:


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3 Responses to 2014 Yankees mid-season report cards: Bench and Management

  1. I've absolutely loved the job that Joe Girardi has done with this team over the past year and a half. They have had absolutely terrible teams, but have been right in the thick of things the entire time. I mean, last year's team was a joke without enough real MLB talent. This year's team came into the season with no infield, no real bench and has suffered injuries to 4 out of its 5 starters and is still in a pennant race. Unreal.

  2. I'm not a Girardi fan but man honestly he has done a good job with the pieces he has, a few mistakes completely on him once in a while but he could even get a better grade.

    The opposite for Cashman, McCann and Beltran have been huge disappointments, these 2 players and Ellsbury did not come cheap at all.
    He was right about bringing Tanaka, whom is also making tons of money so it's not like we won the lottery there. Nelson Cruz, Kazmir, Francisco Rodriguez or Jason Hammels those are players that combined are making less money than Ellsbury alone.
    We lost Tom Kahnle, I know he is not a super star but Cashman is bringing players like Aceves, Huff and Francis, that's ridiculous, Kahnle should have been in the 40 man roster, Daley and Billings are still on the roster haha.

    In my opinion Cashman has been the biggest disapoinment together with Sabathia whom Cashman should not have extended after 2011.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    Cashman has done a terrible job: Even though no one could predict Beltran would be hurt all year, all knew Yankees needed to get younger. All knew Yankees did not need another outfielder / DH, but an infield. The McCann deal is understandable, except that Yankees wanted to promote prospects at catcher. The Ellsbury deal is understandable, except it should have been 5 years maximum and for less money. All in all, Cashman lacks a plan, contradicts and undermines any announced goals, and flings money around. I would not have signed Tanaka, because its just too much money and too much risk, though I would not have predicted him getting hurt in year one. Free agency should be saved for role players and good contributors on 1-3 year deals.

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