Brian Cashman views Chase Headley as a valuable rental


Brian Cashman had been on the phone with the San Diego Padres for the last three weeks, discussing a potential deal for the free agent-to-be Chase Headley. After three weeks of trying to iron out a deal, the Yankees and Padres pulled the trigger, and just like that Chase Headley became a New York Yankee and Yangervis Solarte became a San Diego Padre.

The Headley deal is an upgrade and this trade is the offensive version of the Brandon McCarthy trade, but while Headley could be a fix at third base, the Yankees believe Headley is strictly a rental and could help the Yankees get into a playoff race.

“I’ve been trying to push through on this for three weeks it feels like,” Cashman said. “We’ve had a lot of conversations and a lot of players we’ve sifted through to find some common ground. The McCarthy deal I think felt like a month and a half to two months to pull down. I’m OK (with making moves). It depends on the circumstance. We’ve got high-end stuff, without a doubt, players that other teams like. And those players would be available, or will be available, in the right circumstances. These are the deals that I can present to you that we were able to conclude, but we’re talking much larger type deals, (and) clearly much smaller, incremental upgrades.”

Although the Chase Headley trade could be one of the only things anyone talks about towards the end of the season, Brian Cashman didn’t forget to mention how much Yangervis Solarte meant to this team. The Yankees signed Solarte in the winter, they got two great months out of him and were able to use those two months to cash in on Headley.

“We were lucky to have him. When we were competing for him as a six-year minor-league free agent, there was a lot of competition for him and I’m glad he picked us. He really saved our bacon early this year. When we had a lot of other issues going on this year, he stepped up. And for that we’re thankful. But he was a player that had to be in this situation to get Chase Headley back. I wish him the best and I guess I’ll see and we’ll all see over time where he kind of falls in — what he really is as he declares himself. Is he an everyday player? Is he a nice support player as we move forward? He’s a good under-control piece, switch-hitter and a lot of contact and he brings a lot of energy and a positive attitude, so I wish him well.”

Some Notes

— Chase Headley isn’t expected to show up at Yankee Stadium until 7:30 p.m., so he didn’t make the lineup today. Joe Girardi did say that it was possible that he comes in during the late innings of the game.

— For those wondering, Headley will wear No. 12 for the rest of the season. I guess that means the Yankees aren’t retiring Alfonso Soriano‘s number.

Carlos Beltran was throwing again today, but the Yankees still don’t have a plan on when he’ll get back to playing in the outfield.

— With the trade for Headley, it seemed Kelly Johnson‘s time in pinstripes would be numbered. However with the injury to Teixeira, the Yankees are going to hang onto Johnson and Joe Girardi is going to try to get Johnson some playing time in right field.

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