Cashman has no plans to call up Rob Refsnyder

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It’s safe to say Rob Refsnyder had made a name for himself in the minor leagues, and he’s even earned some interest from Yankees fans, but as far as Brian Cashman is concerned, the Yankees have no plans of bringing up Refsnyder at this point in the season.

“My preference would be to let him play the year in Triple-A,” Cashman said. “… We’re looking toward him more for 2015, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get here in 2014. But I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Refsnyder is in his second year as a second basemen, and he has limited upper level at-bats, but Cashman added Refsnyder doesn’t have to be Rule 5 protected, which could ultimately help the roster fill a spot. While Refsnyder isn’t in the plans right now, Cashman did say the plans for the organization could change.

“He’s certainly put himself on the radar,” Cashman said. “Right now I don’t have any plans to call him up. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

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7 Responses to Cashman has no plans to call up Rob Refsnyder

  1. Patrick Barone says:

    Cashman is a jerk. They need to change their thinking and let these guys play before they get complacent being stuck in the minors. Imagine thinking that they like brian roberts over somebody that is hitting 333. Dah!!!

    • John says:

      Don't panic. Refsnyder has been at AAA for a month. It'll be a while before he gets complacent.

  2. Brooklyn joe says:

    Brian Roberts plays a nice second base but given the Yankees difficulty scoring runs, can we afford to live with no power and a .240 avg , and by the way, why is Kelly Johnson playing so much, he can't hit or field. I say bring up the minor leaguers and sell ichiro back to Seattle !

  3. Brian Roberts got a little hot there for a very brief time, but over the last 43 games he's hit .243/.307/.401. That seems about what he's consistently capable of right now. That's not completely terrible for a second baseman, but considering his UZR is -3.9 he isn't contributing a lot defensively. Bottom line is, he isn't the liability that Alfonso Soriano had become, but he certainly isn't helping either and when you have a guy like Refsnyder in the minors it doesn't make a lot of sense to hold on to Roberts.

    My thinking is that the Yankees probably want to save as many spots on the 40-man roster as they can. If they wait to call Refsnyder up until next May, they get an extra year of control and get to protect an extra player in the Rule 5 Draft. Plus, as somebody else pointed out, Ref has only been in Triple-A for a month so it's not like it's going to hurt him to keep him down.

    The problem arises when or if the Yankees are buyers at the trade deadline. If they're still looking to improve the team for 2014 then leaving Refsnyder in the minors is the opposite of that.

  4. hotdog says:

    it's not a bad idea to keep him at AAA…he'll get to play everyday and work on his defense as well as improving his offense which has been pretty good…but also read Rob's explanation below…

  5. hotdog says:


  6. Yea I agree keep him in the minors lets get this guy set for next year callup…

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