CC Sabathia suffers a setback

CC Sabathia 6

During CC Sabathia‘s start last night, there was no indication his knee was giving him an issue. However, when Sabathia woke up this morning, his knee had fluid and he suffered another setback in his quest to return to the staring rotation.

“He said nothing during the game about it,” manager Joe Girardi said. “He woke up today (and felt it). That is the report that I got, that today it was swollen and it was similar to what he had been experiencing before.”

Sabathia was sent to get an MRI this morning; he last had one in May which later led him to have a stem cell injection. The Yankees were anticipating on getting Sabathia back shortly after the All-Star break. Now, Girardi’s not sure on what Sabathia’s next step will be.

“His velocity was good,” Girardi said. “But he woke up today with swelling, so they did another MRI and we’re waiting to see what the next step is. I can’t tell you how long he’s going to be shut down. We’ll talk to Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Andrews probably over the next couple of hours and we have to figure out what’s next. … We were hopeful that the swelling would stay away and he would be in our rotation fairly soon, but it doesn’t appear that that is going to be the case.”

With Sabathia’s recent setback, does this mean the Yankees are going to look outside the organization for help?

“I don’t think our organization’s thinking ever changes,” Girardi said. “I think they’re always looking to better our team no matter what. I’m sure we’ve been scouting players just like every other team in baseball has. I think the approach will still be the same because I think when someone’s injured you can never count on 100 percent that they’re coming back.”

Some Notes

Mark Teixeira is back in the lineup tonight after having his knee drained. He said it was bothering him for a couple of weeks and Dr. Ahmad figured it would have been better if he had gotten his knee drained now than it causing problems later in the season.

— Why did the Yankees bring up Zelous Wheeler and what is his role here?

“Obviously we talk about the roster down there all the time,” Girardi said. “We had good reports on Zelous and what he’d been doing and the way he’d been playing third base. He played some outfield as well, so we thought, you know what, he’s going to get an opportunity. … Obviously Kelly’s still going to play a lot of third base as well, but with Solo struggling in the month of June, we thought it would be helpful to try to send him down and get him going again.”

— What did Joe Girardi tell Yangervis Solarte when he heard he was being sent down?

 “(We told him) go get back on track like you were in spring training,” Girardi said. “Sometimes it’s hard to get back on track when you’re young kid and the at-bats weren’t coming as consistently. Go back. Get on a roll. Good chance we’ll see you again.”

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4 Responses to CC Sabathia suffers a setback

  1. hotdog says:

    a tough year for the big guy…get well CC…

  2. Michael R says:

    My guess is that they pushed an old, big guy, too hard and too fast to come back. With the pitching staff in need they panicked (justifiably so) and now he's probably gone for the year.

  3. Balt says:

    CC is gone for the year but how will he come back pitching 89 mph? Time to bring up a 2B & OF from triple A and release Soriano // Roberts. Yanks need youth, spark, and hunger, plus hitters above 250.

  4. pisano says:

    He's done, too many innings on that body. The Yankees ought to disable him completely, and have their ins. pay off the rest of his contract.

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