Derek Jeter and Dellin Betances prepare for All-Star Game


During tonight’s All-Star Game, all eyes are going to be on none other than Derek Jeter, the future Hall-of-Famer who is making his 14th and final start as an All-Star shortstop. However, Derek Jeter isn’t the only Yankee in tonight’s All-Star game; Dellin Betances who had an impressive first half of the season is making his first All-Star appearance in his rookie season. Betances is excited to get this opportunity, and he’s soaking it all in.

“To be a part of this is going to be something I’ll try to cherish and just enjoy the moment,” Betances said. “(Looking forward to) just meeting some of the guys, seeing what it’s like, and just try to have a good time. At the same time, just go out there and do the best you can.”

Obviously, Betances isn’t the center of attention tonight–that honor goes to Jeter. But if Betances gets his chance to shine, he could impress everyone with his stuff.

“I hope it just doesn’t go too fast for him,” Joe Girardi said. “(That he takes in) the things you get an opportunity to do, and he’s able to soak it in and enjoy what he’s been through in his career and the expectations and how he’s handled them and being able to burst on the scene. I hope he’s able to enjoy it, and enjoy it with his family, because it means a lot. And it means a lot for players to the people that have helped you out along the way. You can go all the way back to your first coach. You think about those people and you’re appreciative.”

Although tonight is supposed to be about Jeter, Jeter knows Betances also deserves to be recognized for his work–there isn’t anyone who deserves to be at the All-Star game more than Betances.

“He’s been as dominant as any reliever in baseball,” Jeter said. “He deserves to be here as much as anyone.”

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