Despite troubles, Yankees could still find a way to win AL East

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The Yankees have played mediocre baseball throughout the first half of the season, but they have one thing going for them as they prepare for the second half of the season: The entire American League East has flaws. The Baltimore Orioles don’t have a true ace in their rotation, the Toronto Blue Jays are missing some of their big power bats, the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are currently battling for a spot in the AL East cellar and the Yankees are smack dab in the middle.  In laments terms: the Yankees are not out of a division race and instead of trying to sell pieces, they should try to find a way to bring pieces in to help them in their quest to win the AL East.

The Yankees have called up players such as Shane Greene, who has been phenomenal in his last two starts and they’ve gotten a good outing from Brandon McCarthy, a player they recently traded for. However, while the Yankees are having some small luck with their acquisitions, an executive who has been monitoring the farm system told the New York Daily News “There are no Brett Gardner‘s, no Robinson Cano‘s lying around down there.” In other words, the Yankees don’t have enough pieces to pull off a trade for lets say, David Price.

They could call the Phillies and inquire about the players they’re trying to sell, Cliff Lee for example. The executive believes the Yankees have all the right tools to pull off a deal for Lee at this point in his career.

“They’ve always been enamored of Cliff Lee and I don’t think the Phillies would want anything, top-prospect wise,” the executive said. “They could put together two or three guys to get Lee if they took all the money. They’ve been dying to get him for years. Now’s the chance.”

The Yankees by no means are sellers; just because they lost Masahiro Tanaka doesn’t mean that it’s time to give away the top players. There’s still an entire second half of the season to play and it doesn’t make sense for fans to give up on the team when there’s a chance for the Yankees to get on a hot streak. Until the Yankees are officially out of contention, the season is not over. The entire AL East is flawed and the Yankees have a chance to fix their flaws and emerge as contenders.

The Yankees are going to continue to be aggressive and I don’t blame them; if there’s anything we’ve learned from baseball over the years it’s that anything could happen.

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  1. hotdog says:

    There is no way the Yankees would be sellers only a handful of games out…even if they were 10 games out, the Yankees would remain buyers albeit with some conservatism about trading away top prospects for 2 month rentals…it's not the Yankee way to be sellers…i can't remember the last time they were…you never know what a 2nd half brings but it's going to take a lot of good karma to get into the playoffs…they are essentially a .500 team and even though other teams in the East aren't doing much better, I would imagine that one of those teams will break from the bunch…if not, we've got a fighting chance…

  2. walter says:

    Cliff Lee sounds great. But is he healthy? I'd be wary.
    As to the quote that there are no "Gardners or Canos" on farm, I would counter that we've already found a Betances, Greene and Warren this year– and have a Refsnyder ripening on the vine who would be exactly what this lineup needs: A line drive high BA contact hitter. Really outrageous that Yanks haven't brought this guy up to help out a line-up full of .230 hitters.
    And is this scout saying Judge and O'Brien and Sancchez are not in the class of Gardner (who, remember, many descirbed as just a fourth OFer for years)? I believe at least two of these three will prove to be very valuable major leaguers. Love it when these writers who know nothing about farm quote anonymous scouts.

  3. michael says:

    I think the Phillies put Cliff Lee in the DL. does anyone know?
    Shane Green was mediocre in AS A look what he has done after he was called up.
    Time for Cashman and Girardi to call up some younger players..Defender etc..this team needs some life and enthusiasm. Just look at Zealous Wheeler…

  4. michael says:

    I meant Refsnyder stupid thing corrects spelling too well. Lol

  5. hotdog says:

    i'm not crazy about Cliff Lee…he almost became a Yankee in a trade that would have included Jesus Montero and later he signs with the Phillies instead of New York…now it's a business and players of Lee's caliber can pick and choose but I had the feeling when he signed with the Phils that he just didn't want to be a Yankee…even with his talent and potential to help the Yankees reach the playoffs, I'd be happy if he goes elsewhere, Again! Assuming the Phillies move him…i feel that Lee is going to cost us in prospects and won't bring the return we're hoping for…

  6. This is the time of year that the Cliff Lee rumors fly. He is not getting any younger, and has had elbow problems himself. Also, he has a son who has cancer and Lee and his wife want him to continue treatments in Philadelphia. If Cole Hamels was available, different story. He is only 30. Big contract with 4 years left but he has been durable thus far.
    Tanaka could be back after non-surgical rehab. He is a classic drop and drive pitcher. Perhaps they can tinker a bit with his motion, such as throwing in a lower trajectory, and he can be a guy who can give you 7 innings giving up 2 or 3 runs. Not vintage Tanaka, but 80% of him is better than 100% than just about any other MLB pitcher.

  7. Nate says:

    This post (well written and I love the whole site) just confirms what's bothering me the most, it's the fact that Yanks do need another Cano, probably even 2 Canos (in current condition ) and 2 "Half-Tanakas" to make this roster competitive in 2nd half. Haven't been in 1st place all season, don't even have the lead in the league for HRs and we're the New York "OMG, another Home Run" Yankees!!!!!!

  8. BrooklynPaulie says:

    Your points are the proverbial dead horse that's still being beaten…no original thought here. And, by the way, it's not "lament" terms. The correct word is layman. Some folks shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a keyboard.

  9. Gene says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Yanks may need a new batting coach so that
    We can raise the .230 to at least .245
    How many more games would we have won with .250 batting average.
    Not exactly Yankee statistics but we would certainly be leading the division.

  10. Robert Rufa says:

    Let's not jinx Greene by calling him phenomenal after just two impressive wins. But the Yankees do need to get back in the business of developing young talent, not buying old talent. They spent a lot of money this past winter, and for what? Look how much they'd save if they used Cervelli and Murphy instead of McCann and Cervelli, and they'd probably be no worse off. And Beltran? His health problems were predictable, even if his disappointing performance wasn't. There's a fair assessment of Cashman's winter spending spree by Bill Madden on the NY Daily News website. It would be nice if the Yankees learned a lesson, but I doubt it. Fan pressure for immediate gratification is too great and maybe the Steinbrenners' is too.

    • hotdog says:

      I didn't like the McCann signing from the get go…they overpayed to get him, not a terrible strategy at times but his best days seemed behind him…i like Beltran and his short-term contract made sense…Ellsbury was a lot of dough but the additional benefit to the Yankees is that he's not playing for Boston…i was not jumping for joy when the Yankees purchased Tanaka but was happy when he was announced…we're starving for pitching…but we don't have bats…this is not a team that can string together hits and put up good numbers…Reysnyder looks good but maybe he needs more experience at AAA before we can count on him…otherwise, there's very little on the horizon…a few maybes but the talent is not ready for the bigs yet…i'm happy to see Betances in the bigs…he has closer written all over him…hopefully the Yankees don't move him as teams have been calling Cashman with regularity…would you serve him up in a deal for Cole Hamels?

  11. Should've bit the bullet on Cano, and kept Granderson, rather than sign Beltran and Ellsbury

    • hotdog says:

      I think if they were to go long on a player it should of been a homegrown like Cano…you at least know what you're getting and Cano is a superstar…hard to let these guys walk but what's done is done…I gotta wonder if George would have let Cano go…my guess is nfw…

  12. Chris Smith says:

    Ellsbury has not been a bust.

  13. Ron says:

    I say if Lee is healthy we get him and Cole from the Phillies, if we eat most of the contracts we would solidify the rotation for the rest of the season and maybe bring us to competing once again. Then all we need to do is light a match under some of the guys hitting to get them to hit we could do something special1

    • hotdog says:

      That would cost us dearly…the Phillies are looking for a big name prospect and we would have to clean house to satisfy their needs unless they want to just dump salary and be done with it…there are too many other teams in contention with better prospects to deal…

      • Ron says:

        that's why I said we eat the contracts and loose almost nothing in the farm!

        • hotdog says:

          if that was available, sure…my understanding is that Philly wants at least 1 top prospect in return…fortunately, many of our minor leaguers are having better years than 2013…maybe not Tyler Austin though…

  14. Michael R says:

    Use the kids on the farm. Keep looking for hot bats and live arms. Use the shuttle system between the Majors and the Minors. Let's find out if any of them can play at that level.

  15. alwaysayankee says:

    I love the Yankees, however I think if we don't get at least one bat and we start hitting we are in trouble.

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