Girardi’s faith in Roberts pays off


It might have been just for one day, but Joe Girardi‘s faith in Brian Roberts paid off yesterday as he went 4-for-5 with three doubles and a triple. Girardi told reporters after the post game yesterday that Roberts had been hitting the ball better than what his numbers were suggesting, and that was the reason Girardi had stuck with him. Brian Roberts also believed in superstition, hence why he was wearing high socks that eerily made him resemble Brett Gardner at first glance.

“You’re never happy with .230,” Roberts said. “People can say, ‘Way to swing it,’ all you want. I didn’t feel like it’s been quite as bad as maybe it’s looked, but at some point you’ve got to get hits. At times it’s been a little bit maybe better than it’s looked. But at times I’ve been frustrated with the way I’ve swung the bat, too. I don’t know. Nobody feels sorry for you when you don’t get hits. You’ve just got to get hits. That’s kind of the deal, and that’s where hopefully we’re headed.”

Roberts hopes that he’s swinging the bat better and he’s hoping the other players are beginning to swing the bats themselves. This team has the potential of hitting well–it just hasn’t clicked quite yet.

“I really think guys are starting to swing the bat a lot better,” Roberts said. “When you just look at some of us that have had our struggles and haven’t done what we wish we had so far: McCann is starting to swing the bat well, Beltran is starting to swing the bat well. I think those are all good signs. We’ve been able to put up a few more runs lately, hopefully we can (continue). Hitting is contagious, and I think it goes both ways. When guys start struggling, everybody starts struggling. A couple of guys start hitting, and it can kind of roll. So hopefully we’re going in that direction.”


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  1. After last night, Roberts is hitting .278/.345/.468 in his last 22 games which is very good for a second baseman not named Cano. If hey keeps that up, Rob Refsnyder may have to wait a while for his MLB debut.

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