Injury Notes: McCann, Sabathia


Before we get to the injury report, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July and of course a very Happy Birthday to none other than “The Boss”, Mr. George Steinbrenner. There’s not a day that goes by where “The Boss” isn’t missed and occasionally I start sentences about the Yankees like this: “If The Boss were here…” If The Boss were here…I think he’d be shocked the American League East is one of the weakest divisions in baseball this season. With that said, Happy Birthday Mr. Steinbrenner. We miss you.

Here is today’s injury report:

Brian McCann: Brian McCann has a sore foot after last night’s game and Joe Girardi said that McCann will sit today’s game against the Twins. He’s expected to be back in the lineup on Saturday.

CC Sabathia: CC Sabathia’s MRI came back and it turns out he has swelling in his knee. Girardi said the next step for the Yankees will be to have Sabathia see Dr. Andrews. Once Dr. Andrews has a second opinion, the Yankees will figure out Sabathia’s new timetable from there. But for now, Sabathia has once again been shutdown, erasing the July 27th return.

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