Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran make progress


Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran have both battled injuries recently, but there’s good news for the both of them coming into the series finale against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Mark Teixeira: Mark Teixera went into the batting cage and took 50 swings–25 from each side–with hitting coach Kevin Long this morning. Once Teixeira finished his swings, he told reporters that he felt no pain in his back.

“He took swings today; he felt good,” Joe Girardi said. “He’s taking ground balls. He felt good. So we’ll reevaluate where he is tomorrow and how he feels after today. Hopefully he’s a player here pretty soon.”

So is Teixeira playing in tomorrow’s game against the Texas Rangers a possibility?

 “I don’t know. I’m going to take it day by day and just see how he feels.”

“The one thing he hasn’t taken is live BP, (just) tee and toss,” Girardi said. “The one thing you always have to measure is when you’re working, you can guard against a lot of things. When you’re in the course of a game, sometimes you can’t do that. … Hopefully he wakes up and feels great tomorrow and he’s able to take BP and we’ll go from there.”

Carlos Beltran: For the last month or so, Carlos Beltran has been the primary DH due to an injury in his arm, but after a throwing program, Joe Girardi believes Beltran could go back to right field within the next few weeks, freeing up the DH spot for the other players.

“He’s continuing to throw,” Girardi said. “He has progressed and he has thrown more and more distance as we’ve went on, and he’s done some outfield drills early. I don’t think it’s too far off. I don’t know if it will happen next week, but after that, I think it’s a possibility.”

Some Notes

Zelous Wheeler is making his second start this season in right field.

“This is a guy that’s been used to being moving around in his career, and I’m OK,” Girardi said.

Brian Roberts is taking the day-off today, but it’s also worth mentioning Roberts hasn’t played well offensively or defensively. While Girardi says the day off is routine, I still think the fact Roberts hasn’t played well might have contributed to him taking a mental breather.

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  1. tom says:

    Josh Willingham is given a look by Yankees. Oh man, I wish Michael Cuddyer and/or John Mayberry Jr. are not on DL with shoulder and wrist, respectively.

    Not sure if Willingham would have better season than last year but I am prepared for the worst as this season becomes identical to last season. That means he would offer only 4 home runs more for Yankees and thats it for the 2nd half season with Yanks. I don't think it is beneficial to Yankees unless he makes a surprise surge which is doubtful.

    Since Yankees won't lose anything in return for him, it won't hurt to gamble.

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