Masahiro Tanaka has partial UCL tear


Well, if you were hoping Masahiro Tanaka could return within the next two weeks, you’re going to be disappointed.

Masahiro Tanaka was diagnosed with a partial UCL tear, but three doctors (including Dr. Chris Ahmad)  recommended that Tanaka avoid surgery. Tanaka is going to try a six-week program and hope that the small tear will repair itself. If Tanaka’s rehab is successful, he could return in mid-August. If not–then he might opt for Tommy John Surgery.

But don’t be fooled: Just because the Yankees are going to be without Tanaka for at least six weeks, it doesn’t mean the Yankees are selling. Brian Cashman said the Yankees are going to be very much aggressive during the trade deadline to improve their team.

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9 Responses to Masahiro Tanaka has partial UCL tear

  1. tom says:

    Will it heighten the trade for Hamels possibility?

    Yankees need an ace in the place this year and next year. That way Yankees won't pressure Tanaka and Pineda to step up and be an ace during their re-building stamina/strength period.

  2. hotdog says:

    It certainly creates a greater need Tom but the Phillies know that as well. I'm torn, on one hand I hate to see the Yankees move on Hamels for a couple of top prospects or so but on the other hand, pitching is a core need and there's very little in our system ready to make the jump…Hamels would be a knee jerk reaction and if this team was playoff bound, i might want the trade but we're a little ways off from being real contenders for the crown imo…

  3. John says:

    Hamels contract is actually pretty reasonable. He has 4 years left with an option for a 5th year. Even with the fifth year, it only takes him through age 35. He makes "only" 22 million a year. I'm fine with giving up Gary Sanchez for him.

    • hotdog says:

      The Yankees have not done well with players in the later years of their contracts…i would think this would be a concern even given that Hamels will be only 31 years old heading into the 2015 season…i would hope the Phillies assume some of his contract if we give away arguably our best prospect…i guess I'm a little gun shy these days given all our injuries to the rotation…on the plus side, it's a short term 4 year contract with a 5th as a team option with vesting for Hamels…the Yankees try to put together a championship team each year but they are far from putting the pieces together imo…not this year and probably not next and that would be close to the time that a guy like Sanchez will be ready for the majors (assuming he continues to progress)…i'd hate to see Sanchez becoming that strong player the Yankees believe him to be while wearing a Phillies uniform…that said, I can't have it both ways and I'm still torn…

  4. hotdog says:

    I would also not be surprised if teams ask for Manny Banuelos as part of a trade…his stock is way down but the potential exists for him to make the majors one day…not sure if he'll ever be a front line starter the Yankees believed him to be several years ago but he could become a decent #3, 4 or 5 guy and possibly a reliever…

    • In my mind, Banuelos should definitely be available. He's had 2 major surgeries and it doesn't look like he is the same pitcher he once was. Maybe he can work through it, but he's having a very tough season.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        Banuelos hasn't pitched more than three innings at any time this season and his ERA is 5.79 down at AA Trenton.

  5. Robert Rufa says:

    We'll probably never know if pitching every five days did it or if it was inevitable, but I think considering how many pitchers develop arm problems at fairly young ages I think teams would be wise to start experimenting with 6- or 7-man rotations. Naturally this will mean a couple of extra pitchers on the roster, and good pitchers don't grow on trees, but changes would have to come slowly and be systematic. Could MLB make sure every team had a day off a week? Do we need 162-game schedules? At one time, 154 was plenty. Should teams be allowed to have 27-player rosters? A lot of good pitchers have had careers interrupted or ended because of arm problems. We're finally shining light on concussions in football. Let's look at young arms in baseball.

  6. Mike Sommer says:

    Buster Olney's blog had a good quote as far as scouts and front office personnel believing that the split – finger is an elbow-killing pitch which causes more TJ surgeries. Also the reliance much more on the slider as well as the split.. The more breaking pitches and split fingers a pitcher throws instead of building up the fastball (think of hard throwers who lasted years like Ryan, Seaver, Clemens), the more likely you are for TJ surgery. Interesting about multiple pitchers starting. The 1939 Yankees had Ruffing at 21-7. With 28 starts. They must have used 10 or 11 different starters that year. A different era. But look it up. How many starters that year? And the ace with 28.

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