MLB Trade Rumor: Yankees have interest in Marlon Byrd


According to MLB Trade Rumors, the New York Yankees have interest in Philadelphia Phillies OF Marlon Byrd. However, the Yankees are wary of Byrd’s $8 Million vesting fee.

Byrd has been connected with many clubs, but his vesting option causes concern, considering he’ll be 37 when the option kicks in. It’s also problematic because Byrd has a four-team no trade clause.

The Yankees have been busy acquiring veterans just before the trade deadlin this year, acquiring Chase Headley recently and Brandon McCarthy earlier in the month.

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8 Responses to MLB Trade Rumor: Yankees have interest in Marlon Byrd

  1. tom says:

    Byrd is on right track for 2016 trap so don't get him if you worry too much.

    Go after someone with clean end (contract). Willingham for instance.

  2. pisano says:

    The guys too old, and owed too much money. Forget about him.

  3. michael says:

    Not a big fan of this guy need to look at other options

  4. hotdog says:

    ugh…putting the team together with rubber bands and paper clips…i respect Cashman for trying everything he can but it's sort of frustrating to think that guys like Byrd and John Danks are targets…

  5. roy says:

    Second most strikeouts in baseball this year. Is he such a great hitter that you can live with the killed rallies? Keep the line moving, value OBP, say "no" to Marlon Byrd.

    • roy says:

      Byrd's 2014 Strikeout to Plate Appearance ratio is 28.3%. His career average strikeout ratio is 18.9%.

      The best team strkeout percentage is KC Royals at 15.9%. The worst is Houston Astros at 23.7%. That should be your perspective. The 2014 Yankees come in at a respectable 18.4%.

      No doubt he has a strong OPS and SLG. Still, give me a good situational hitter who will move runners. I hate strikeouts.

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