Report: Diamondbacks trade Martin Prado to Yankees for Peter O’Brien 14


It’s after the trade deadline…but the Yankees made another trade!

Joel Sherman has reported the Yankees have traded Martin Prado to the New York Yankees for Yankees prospect Peter O’Brien. Prado is expected to give the Yankees infield depth along with Chase Headley and Stephen Drew.

With the acquisitions of Drew and Prado, here’s a new question: Where does Brian Roberts fit? That will be a question for another day.

14 thoughts on “Report: Diamondbacks trade Martin Prado to Yankees for Peter O’Brien

  • michael

    Good move by the Yankees you'll see very little of Brian Roberts maybe the Yankees release him.

  • hotdog

    reasonable trade…Prado is an upgrade…O'Brien looked promising but he fell off this year…

  • Rob Abruzzese

    This is a decent trade, but don't expect much from Prado. he's hit .270/.317/.370 this season and .287/.339/.413 since 2012. He's basically a league average hitter that can play multiple positions and is under contract through 2016. $11 million a year, to me, is too much for a player like him, but I guess that's what you pay for reliable versatility.

    I wish they didn't give up O'Brien for him, but at least it wasn't multiple prospects and, while O'Brien has had a TON of power at the plate, he is only hitting .267 with a .312 on page percentage. He has never had a high OBP except when he was in Low-A ball. He struggled with State Island too. He's got one really strong tool, but the others are lacking.

  • tom

    Ah… Prado's contract is good for thru 2016 so he may be a full time starting 2B next 2 years if Arod and Beltran would play on the field in those years. Refsnyder is buried for now.

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